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Journey to Work

Format: DVD/Streaming.
Time: 140 Minutes, (14 films in total) (Films can be viewed separately)
Subtitles Available

Eight Students prepare for life after university and are considering various careers. After an initial meeting listening to industry mentors and careers advisers, the students then explore career possibilities. Meeting up with careers experts later the students discuss how useful the initial advice  was, what opportunities may have come their way and if they have decided to change career course. Graduate recruiters also give feedback to the viewer on what makes an applicant stand out.

For reasons of copyright, the videos may ONLY be viewed by current students of the University of Salford and staff.

Student Profiles (videos)

Note: you will be taken to a login window by clicking on each image below. Please log in with your University username and password before viewing the video.

Using your Careers Service: film looking at the role of the Careers Service for the student. What kind of services and resources does the university career service offer to students. Looks at when is a good time to start to make use of the careers service and how the careers service can help after graduation. Key issues raised are career planning, making informed decisions about life after university, exploring opportunities and options and the importance of engaging with the careers service as soon as possible to give the individual an advantage on leaving university.

Getting involved with Student Life: film exploring the benefits of being involved in the broad opportunities available for students and experiencing a full student life. Topics covered include getting involved in clubs and socieities early. The importance of choosing an activity to enjoy, whilst also developing new skills. What advantages being involved with StudentLife can have.

Networking: Film looking at the art of networking in the career planning process. Advice includes starting small, building a network through university and the Alumni. Explores how networking is a way to find out information and advice about a particular career or industry by asking the right questions to the right people. The importance of networking as a way to gain contacts and information, and NOT to ask for a job. The opportunity to use networking to build upon an existing networks. Recommended film to watch for people who might not be that confident with the idea of networking.

Work Experience: exploring the impact in which work experience whilst a student can have after leaving university. Areas under discussion include the benefits of any work experience gained whilst at university and the importance of relevant work expereince. Discusses the value of work experience in developing important skills which can secure graduate employment. Other issues discussed include self-development, skill development, utilising skills, skills transfer, using work expereince as examples and evidence of skill development and key relevant experience.

Volunteering: what can volunteering offer to the student experience? Areas covered include volunteering and the impact it can have on your CV. How to choose a volunteering position or opportunity. Stresses the importance of choosing a volunteering opportunity in a genuine area of interest. Other issues discussed include self-development, development of skills, utilising skills, putting volunteering expereince into practice.

Postgraduate Study: analysing the advantages and disadvantages of postgraduate study. Key questions raised include does postgraduate study always give an advantage? Will it be a benefit for future employability or enhance opportunities? Other issues raised are vocational skills and experience versus academia. Advice includes talking to other students, employees and professionals in your chosen field to determine whether postgraduate study is suitable for career development. Film strongly recommends speaking to the Careers Department.