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The Assessment Centre, AGCAS

Format: DVD/ Streaming, Time: 27 Minutes
Subtitles Available

This documentary shows a real ICI assessment centre and follows 8 candidates through a group exercise, a presentation and an interview, with a behind the scenes look at what the selectors are looking for. The film explains what to expect and how candidates can show themselves in the best light.

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Big Opportunities in SMEs, AGCAS

Format: DVD/ Streaming, Time: 25 Minutes
Subtitles Available

This DVD looks at working in smaller companies (SMEs – Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) and explores how graduates and SMEs can benefit one another. Graduates and their employers relate their own experiences and give practical advice. There is one programme for graduates and another for employers.

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Get That Job, AGCAS

Format Streaming, Time: 37.68 Minutes (3 films in total) (Films can be viewed separately)

Three films which help to support the disabled student & graduate into employment.  Each film looks at a particular part of the journey from identifying positive about disabled employers, applications, disclosure and adjustments needed in the workplace.

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Journey to Work, AGCAS

Format: DVD/Streaming. Time: 140 Minutes, (14 films in total) (Films can be viewed separately)
Subtitles Available

These films show eight students as they prepare for life after university. The students talk about career ambitions, what they have done to enhance their opportunities and chances of getting into work. Advice is given from industry insiders and careers advisers. The films meet up with students several months later to see how the advice has aided their career progression or if they have decided to take other options.

Featured also are short guides exploring various topics to help boost employability, including: CVs and applications, Getting involved with student life, Networking, Postgraduate Study, Volunteering, Work experience and Using your Careers Service. Films can be watched individually.

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Making an Impact: the graduate job interview, AGCAS

Format: DVD/ Streaming, Time: 1hr 48 Minutes (4 films in total)
Subtitles Available

In a competitive job market perfecting your interview technique is paramount to getting that first job after graduation. Providing an insight into a typical graduate job interview, the 4 films show real students and graduates being interviewed by real companies. Each film shows an extract from their interview and the recruiters give their verdicts. In addition the films show the candidates reflecting on their own performances. The narration emphasises the key learning points.

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Preparing for the Work Fair

Three short film clips, created by Salford students, staff and local employers to help you think about how to prepare for a work/ recruitment fair and how to engage and communicate with employers during the events.  Films highlight the importance of doing research before attending the event,  engaging in conversation with employers (networking) and how first impressions count. 

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Your Job's Online, AGCAS

Format: DVD/ Streaming, Time: 25 Minutes (4 films in total)
Subtitles Available

Applying for jobs online is now commonplace within major companies. This film features two employers selecting graduates using online applications. It shows how to succeed by providing evidence to support your answers and how to market yourself and avoid common mistakes.

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