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Careers E-Books

You can also access the ebooks off campus by visiting The Library webpages.

  • Be Prepared!: Getting Ready for Job Interviews by Julie-Ann Amos - Takes you through the essentials of preparing for an interview; contains top tips so you can tip the scales in your favour, with a little work beforehand.  
  • Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Interview by Marc A. Dorio - Although American in slant, it still contains some useful guidelines. Aims at making the interview as an opportunity rather than an obstacle, a positive event instead of a reason for terror by taking the mystery out of the interview by showing you how to "read" the employer's needs.  
  • Rob Yeung's Insider Guide to Successful Interviews by Rob Yeung - Yeung is a London-based Business Psychologist so he utilises a sound knowledge base. Information on competency based questions and succeeding at assessment centres are particularly useful. Easy to navigate, and strongly recommended.  
  • Succeeding at Interviews by Judith Verity - UK produced text. Some of the text overlaps with the book by Rob Yeung, but other material complements it-especially the sections psychometric testing, aptitude testing, and job simulation exercises. Although the criteria-based interviewing section is complex, it still contains useful information. A very good text and strongly recommended.