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Computer Literacy

This is a key employability skill!  Being computer literate is very important when applying for a graduate job.

First Thoughts

  • Think about your computer experience
  • What programs have you used? (eg. Word, Excel, MatLab, SPSS)
  • What did you use those programs for?
  • What functions of those programs did you use?
  • What more do you need to learn?
  • What is already on your CV? Have you learnt how to use IT packages during lectures, coursework or presentations?

Where to Start

The first place to go is the University’s IT and Digital Skills.

Locate, evaluate and make use of the information you need for assignments and research. This includes use of such programs as e-Library and EndNote.

Remember: undertaking extra training shows you are committed to improving your computer literacy.

How To Impress

Remember, you need to prove to employers that you are computer literate with tangible evidence to back up your claims. Some ideas to think about:

  • Don’t forget some of the things you’ve done during your time at university - Writing essays up in Word, creating graphs in Excel and producing presentations in PowerPoint. Completing all these is improving your computer literacy.
  • Have you written for a student paper, or a committee?
  • Uploaded anything to a student website, or maybe created your own website?
  • Do you upload films to YouTube, use Flickr or write a blog? Are you any good at manipulating photos on Photoshop?
  • Are you skilled at using an Apple Mac, or better on Windows? What about using laptops, or do you prefer a PC?

How Not to Impress

But Beware!....Graduate employers MAY look at your Facebook profiles – check your privacy settings! Search for yourself on YouTube – is there something on there you didn’t know about?

How Careers and Employability Can Help!

If you feel you need to speak to a Careers Consultant on a one-to-one basis regarding job applications or need advice on your CV, please click here to view & book one of our current appointment options. A Careers Consultant will listen to your ideas, help you identify your strengths, weaknesses and skills and assist you in relating all of these things to the world of work. You can also book an appointment either via the askUS Desk or ring 0161 295 0023.

Careers advice is also available via Advantage 'Ask a Question' and SKYPE.

Appointments are available for current students/graduates of the University of Salford.