Autism Spectrum Condition

An autistic person experiences social, sensory and cognitive differences to neurotypical peers. Around 1 in 100 people are on the autistic spectrum and each person’s experience of autism is unique to them.

Alongside the challenges come many positives such as attention to detail, creativity, focus, determination and integrity. At Salford, we appreciate these strengths and the diversity of thought that being autistic can bring. We have many autistic students, some of whom receive support to overcome the barriers they experience to their studies.

We have a social group for you to connect with other students on the autism spectrum and advice sessions. Current students can find out more about these on the Student Hub.

Some of the challenges autistic students can face at university include: 

  • Difficulty with the sensory environment, including noise, lighting, busy areas 
  • Living in a new environment, forming & maintaining friendships  
  • Managing own workload, prioritising and revision 
  • Knowing how much time to spend on a given task 
  • Working in groups and giving presentations  
  • High expectations of themselves

Disability and Learner Support work with students and University staff to provide support to overcome some of these challenges and to promote the positive aspects of being autistic. All students can expect their teaching to be inclusive and accessible, but some of the key areas where we provide support to autistic students include: 

  • Advance access to teaching resources 
  • Reasonable tutorial time 
  • Preparation time when being asked to contribute to class
  • Audio recording of lectures  
  • Prioritised reading lists  
  • Advanced notice about changes to timetables or rooms

We can also help autistic students with other types of support where appropriate, including recommendations on exam arrangements (for instance, extra time or smaller rooms), extra tutorial time or library adjustments. Extra support, including study skills tutors or mentors can be arranged through an application for Disabled Students Allowance.