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Together We're Changing

Keeping up to date

You can find out what's happening on your course in the programme action logs.

You can take at look at the NSS results for your course at

Working in partnership with USSU

The University of Salford Students’ Union works hard to engage and represent students and we work with them to ensure your voice is heard. It’s the Union who train and support student programme reps, and they provide independent services such as their Advice Centre

Letting us know there's something wrong

We hope that most issues can be resolved informally and you can raise your concerns by letter, e-mail or orally within 20 working days of the event or issues which you need to tell us about. Please raise your concerns with relevant staff either in your School, or in the relevant Professional Service Department, depending on the issue. If you are unsure who to speak to, please contact your School or the relevant Department or the Quality and Enhancement Office via

Further information about Student Complaints can be found here.

A note on confidentiality

All data collected in any surveys is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be held securely. Your responses to the survey are strictly confidential, and all responses are anonymised before they are published.

The only time that confidentiality changes is in exceptional circumstances where there is evidence that you or others are at risk of harm. In this very rare case, we would use the response to protect those at risk.