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Module Review

Use your student voice to help develop teaching and learning on your course

Trimester 2 Module Review period launched Monday 29th April 2019 and runs until 24th May 2019

Why should you take part?

Module Review is a vital part of quality assurance within the University, and student feedback is essential for the development and enhancement of teaching and learning.

All Schools are required to administer a Module Review for every module so towards the end of every module. Throughout your course, you’ll be asked to complete these online through EvaSys.

What does it cover?

Module Review covers the following areas:

  • · Organisation and Management
  • · The teaching on the course
  • · Assessment and Feedback
  • · Learning Resources and Spaces
  • · Student Voice

How do I access my surveys?

To access all the modules that are open for review, Go to

and enter your UoS email address to complete.

An email has been sent to your UoS account which also directs you to above link; you may have also received an automated email for each module, though due to a technical issue those links do not identify which module you are providing feedback on. Please use the above link to access your student surveys port

What is EvaSys and EvaMetrics?

EvaSys is a market-leading suite of automation software for surveys. It combines all aspects of the evaluation process from designing the questionnaires and mass control of survey procedures to electronic data collection and automatic reporting in one software package.

Evametrics is a cloud-based platform which brings together a range of unique software applications under one umbrella to help the Universit gain a better understanding of students’ views.

The University has signed up to two applications: The Engagement Portal and Closing the Loop

How are Module Leaders monitoring response rates?

The Engagement Portal enables module leaders to monitor response rates for the modules they are responsible for in real time and issue reminders. At the close of the survey, the module leader can access the PDF report including the free text comments.

Module leaders are also asked to provide reflections on the feedback received from the module review within the portal. The reflections can be sent to relevant colleagues on the module and will be added to the Student Report.

How do we close the feedback loop?

Closing the feedback loop is core to module review, and once a survey has closed, the module leader is asked to provide reflections and module evaluation. The Student Report includes the module leaders reflections on the feedback and the analysis on five areas the module review covers. Free text comments are not provided within the Student Report, and separate report on themes are distributed as part of Student Staff Committees.

The Module Review Evaluation asks your module leader the following questions:

· Please outline areas of good practice identified through the module review, including how these will be shared more widely.

· Please outline areas for development identified through the module review.

· Please list the actions arising from the survey results, including the lead for each action, timescales and any resource implications.

Is it anonymous?

Each survey is confidential, and at no time will your responses be attributed to you in any report provided to your module leader, or other colleagues within your School. The survey system is though non-anonymous and stores responses which can attributed to an individual.

Access to the raw data and information that is attributed to an individual is strictly controlled and maintained by the Student Voice team, access to the data linking any student to a response is only given on the approval of the Head of Student Experience and Engagement and under very specific conditions.

At the same time, we ask that you consider the appropriateness of your response and remain professional. Responses containing offensive language will be removed before any published report, or when closing the feedback loop.