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What is the Wellbeing Service?

There may be times at university when you need to speak to someone and get something off your chest. Perhaps you have a worry on your mind that you feel you can’t discuss with your friends, family or your personal tutor. You may wish to seek advice about an issue or work through something that is causing you considerable stress or concern.  

If something has happened in your life (whether you deem it to be big or small), you can come and see a wellbeing advisor to talk it over. Wellbeing advisors do not judge you and work in a highly confidential setting. They simply look at the issues you are facing and help to find solutions to your problems.

How is the Wellbeing Service different from Counselling?

Wellbeing advisors differ from counsellors in that they do not offer therapeutic sessions and do not counsel. They have a good knowledge of mental health conditions but are not in a position to offer medical advice. The advantage of seeing a wellbeing advisor is that you can discuss any personal issue and they will offer you practical advice, support and suggest steps to take.

How do I book an appointment?

Wellbeing advisors offer phone triage and face to face assessment sessions throughout the week, as well as follow-up sessions where appropriate. As a result you never have to wait long in order to speak to someone.

For more resources relating to your wellbeing check out our resource hub.

To enquire into seeing a wellbeing advisor or to book an appointment, there are a number of ways you can contact us.