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Often it seems like university should be the least isolated time in your life. However, for many students this is not the case and the sense of loneliness can be heightened by the feeling that everyone else is having a great time. The truth is that loneliness is very common amongst students.

What can you do if you are feeling lonely or isolated?

Talk to someone

It might be helpful to find someone that you can talk to. This might be another student (they may feel the same) or the Resident Life Support Officers (University accommodation) or the Resident Assistants (Eddie Coleman or John Lester) if you are in accommodation.

Access mentoring and befriending services

You can contact Societyinc. for your own needs or to make a referral on behalf of someone else. They can help you to make positive changes, reach new goals, gain confidence or just provide someone to talk to.

You can visit their website at or contact 07703156481

Sign up with a group or activity

A great way to make friends is joining a group or society or perhaps going along to an activity run by Students' Union (SU) Give It A Go programme. You can contact the SU on 0161 351 5400 or by dropping in to University House or by clicking the links below.

Give It A Go

Students Union Groups and Societies

Leisure Centre Fitness Classes

Seek help?

If you are really struggling with life at university and feel that you could use some time with someone to talk through issues which are affecting you, you can contact the Wellbeing Service on 0161 295 7008 or by email.