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ID cards


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I’m a new student. Where do I collect my ID card?        

askUS, University House        

New ID cards are ready for collection 48 hours after you complete online registration.        

My ID card is not working
(i.e. I can’t get into the Library)        

Estates Helpdesk, Maxwell Building        

Your card may need to be rebadged by Estates Helpdesk staff.

Help! I’ve lost my ID card.        

1. Library Desk, Clifford Whitworth Library        

2. askUS, University House

Cards may have been handed in and stored behind the desk at Clifford Whitworth Library, please check there first. If not, then you will need to purchase a new one via the Online Shop

Once you have paid for your ID card via the Online Shop, you will receive a receipt advising you where you can collect your replacement card.  

You are responsible for all usage of your ID card and must keep it safe at all times. Lost or stolen cards must be reported to us as soon as possible to

My ID card is damaged, do I need a new one?        

askUS, University House        

Staff will assess whether a new card can be issued free of charge. If a free replacement can be issued, this can usually be done while you wait.

(At peak times of the year, you may be asked to make an appointment at a future date to have the replacement issued.)        

My ID card has a black X marked on it. What should I do?        

askUS, University House

Some photographs are rejected by the Registration Team if the photo does not meet UK passport quality standards. The card is still issued to you but is marked with an ‘X’. A new photograph will be taken and a new card will be printed for you.

(At peak times of the year, you may be asked to make an appointment at a future date to have the replacement issued.) 

My ID card looks different to others. Do I need a new one?askUS, University HouseFrom January 2019, the University of Salford changed the design of student ID cards. If you were issued your card before this date it will continue to function for the duration of your course and you do not need to purchase a new style card.