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Undergraduate Courses starting before August 2016

If you are a full time UK student you can apply for:

Depending on your personal circumstances you may also be eligible for:

If you have specific disability or learning support needs then you may be eligible for some help through Disabled Students Allowance.

EU students

If you’re an EU student from outside the UK studying in England, you can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan if you meet certain conditions but not loans or grants for living costs unless you have been resident in the UK for 3 years prior to the start of your course.

If you have been working in the UK for a while and intend to continue doing so whilst studying, you may be assessed for further financial support as a Migrant Worker but this is not always guaranteed.

Applying for Student Funding

The easiest way to apply is online. Remember that you have to re-apply for your funding each year and make sure you submit your application on time. There is one form for all your student finance, so there is no need to apply for grants or bursaries separately. Make sure you give consent for the University to see your information if you would like to be assessed for a bursary.

What if I need to repeat a year?

Student Finance will cover the cost of one repeat year or if you decide to change course within your first year of study, providing you do not repeat any further years or change course again. You need to let SFE know when you are studying a repeat year otherwise they will assume you have continued into the next year of your course which will cause complications later down the line.