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NHS Nursing, Midwifery or Allied Health Professional courses which began before August 2017

If you are studying an NHS-funded course then you will be getting your tuition fees paid by the NHS.

You should also receive a monthly bursary, £1000 grant and a reduced rate maintenance loan from SFE to help support your living costs. The bursary & grant are non-repayable.

The amount of loan given is standard:

  • Students living in the parental home - £1744
  • Students living in their own home/away from the parental home - £2324

There are reduced amounts of loan when you reach the final year of your course.

The £1,000 grant is a set amount however the bursary is means-tested therefore is dependent on your household income amount.

The following tables show the maximum basic bursary support available to you on a 30 or 45 week course.

If you are studying up to 30 weeks each year, you can receive:

NHS 30 weeks

If you are  studying 45 weeks or more each year can receive:

NHS 45 weeks

Depending on your personal circumstances you may also be eligible for the following extra support:

  • Parents Learning Allowance
  • Childcare Allowance
  • Dependants Allowance

If you have specific disability or learning support needs then you may be eligible for some help through Disabled Students Allowance.

Essential information on funding for NHS courses can be found on the NHS Student Services website.