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On-Campus Faith provision

The Faith Centre is comprised of various facilities across campus to meet the faith requirements of all our users. 

Campus                 Rooms                 Open Times                
Peel Campus              

Faith Centre, University Road (behind Chapman Building)                                      

Chaplains Offices, Chapel, Quiet Room, Social Space and Kitchens, Multi-Faith room and meeting rooms FC111 and FC112

First Floor

Mon- Friday: Free Access: 10am – 5pm                    

Swipe Access: 8am-10am and 5pm- 9pm                    

Floor closed between 9pm and 8am (except in by arrangement)                    

Sat - Closed                    

Sun - swipe access between 11-4pm ONLY.                    

Muslim Prayer Hall and Ablution facilities

Ground Floor

Swipe access only before 10am and after 5pm.                    

Opening times change throughout the year. See information below for more details.                    

Maxwell Building Room 212 Same as building opening hours
Allerton Campus              
Allerton Building Quiet Room 324 & 321 Same as building opening hours
Chaplains Office 323 Mondays 1-4pm in term time, or otherwise by appointment
MediaCity UK              
MCUK Building Quiet Room and Multi Faith Room 324 Same as building opening hours
Muslim Prayer Halls at the Faith Centre, Opening Times (2018)
Month Opening Times Closing Times
January 06:00 22:00
February 05:00 22:00
March 04:00 23:00
April 03:00 23:00
1st May till 13th May 03:00 23:30
14th May till 15th June (Ramadhan) 08:00 05:30
16th June till 1st July 03:00 23:30
July 03:00 00:00
August 03:00 23:30
September 04:00 22:30
October 05:00 21:00
November 05:00 22:00
December 06:00 22:00

Faith Centre Room Booking

The purpose of the Faith Centre is to support the spiritual wellbeing of students and staff and to increase our understanding of, and respect for religious beliefs and practices. It does so by providing opportunities for members  of  the University community  to reflect, worship, contemplate, teach and  learn, read and study, celebrate, mourn, engage in dialogue and interact on a daily basis.  

We welcome all students and staff to use the faith spaces for faith-based activities. While the rooms exist for all to use, only meeting rooms FC111, FC112, Multi-Faith room are bookable.

Please note that this is a shared resource and is available on a first request, first served basis and the rooms may be unavailable at the times that you would like to use them.   

If you would like to book the Chaplaincy or Faith Centre for a faith-based activity please contact the Faith Team.   

Click here to download a booking form

For local places of worship click here