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Ramadhan activities



Iftar (Breaking of the fast meal) will be provided for all, daily, at the Faith Centre after Maghrib Salat.

Suhur (Sehri / predawn meal) will be provided at the faith centre kitchen and social space during the exam period (7th May till 24th may) between Mondays and Fridays.

Salat Tarawih will take place daily at the Faith Centre and will be shorter than normal in Exam period. Isha salaat will take place 5 minutes after Isha begining time. See the prayer time table>>

Salatul Eid will take place on 1st of sha`ban and the day and date of Eid will be set upon confirmation of moon sighting.

The Salatul Eid (Eid Prayer) will take place in the Faith Centre at 8am.

RAMADHAN 2019 OPENING TIMES (5th May till 5th June)

Faith Centre (including the Muslim prayer halls) daily opening time is from 8am to 4am.

Swipe access from 8 am to 10am and from 5pm to 4am.

Open access from 10am till 5pm.

The entire Faith Centre will be closed daily between 4am and 8am.

Thank you / Shukran for your co-operation.

Car parking arrangements

Please note: For the safety of our congregation, staff and students please park responsibility. It is unlawful to park on the yellow lines or pavement outside the Faith Centre or along University Road.  You will receive a parking ticket as this road is regularly patrolled at all times of the day.  If you required a disabled parking space, please make yourself known to Security outside of office hours. Your blue badge will be checked to ensure you are the valid user.

Peel /Newton car park is available for use as normal, and free between 6pm and 9am.

Newton car park, which is behind the old prayer facility (Newton annexe) and was used 3 years ago, will also be available and access will be through the main barrier at Maxwell Building.

Parking at Delany car park is free between 6pm and 9am. Delany car park is based under Delany accommodation block on University Road near the Faith Centre.

Visit for further car parking details.

Staff Support

Guidance for staff on how to support your muslim colleagues during ramadan.