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Care Leavers Support FAQ

Yes you can. We have a dedicated care leaver team at askUS who will be able to answer any questions that you have about the support that we will offer before you come to university. We can also organise bespoke visit days for care-experienced students, which will give you an overview  of our support and the course that you’re interested in studying. To find out more please email

Yes. Our care leaver support service can provide you with assistance at all stages of the application process. From helping choose the course that's right for you, to guiding you through the hefty form filling and UCAS personal statement and beyond. We have a team of dedicated staff members who can help put your mind at ease, and make applying to university as stress free as possible.

“Our Careers Consultants can see you to discuss career choices even before you apply to University. This is exclusively a service to care experienced people. Through this process we can help identify the course you would like to apply for, what it is you can bring to the course and what strengths you can gain from your study, in line with any career goals. We will ensure that you can meet all the entry requirements and offer guidance toward alternate entry routes if applicable.

Care-experienced students have access to regular support from our care leaver team through one to one appointments and a dedicated contact email address that only the support team can see. You can always use us as a first point of contact for anything from accommodation queries, financial worries, counselling and wellbeing support, careers advice to your course.

The university has partnerships with student accommodation services in the local area and can facilitate any assistance you may require in making your application for accommodation. We can ensure that you find accommodation to suit your requirements, as well as offering 52-week contracts. if you are struggling with paying your deposit or getting a guarantor, please come and see us as we may be able to offer additional support.

We recognise that it can often be difficult attending open days, interviews and other recruitment events held by the university, which is why we think it's important that you have the opportunity to look around before making your final decision. We can assist you with travel expenses, especially if the trip is likely to take you out of your way, but no matter where you live or travelling from, we can provide you with assistance in keeping the costs down. For information, please see here.

With your consent, we would like to work with your local care organisation on your behalf, as this can ensure that we can offer the best and most appropriate support, for your needs. It is not university policy to disclose any information that you do not wish us to, though any information we do receive from you or your organisation, is protected under the Data Protection Act (1998) and GDPR Regulations. We strongly recommend that you give us consent to share information with your local authority, so that we can give you the best support.

Yes, we can. The university can offer you assistance, if required, in gaining effective and accessible childcare in the local area, so you're always nearby. We will also take any childcare arrangements into consideration, in defining what support we can offer you, to ensure that you and your family can be taken care of during your studies at Salford.

The university can keep you informed of the support that is available to you via email, phone and through regular contact with the care leaver team. This ensures that you are up to date with upcoming events and workshops that may be of interest to you, whilst giving you information on additional services and support.

Further Funding Available:

As well as some of the finance available to you within the University, and from Student Finance England, as a care leaver, you may be entitled to additional grants and funding from the various external organisations listed below.

Don't forget, that some of this funding requires you to apply before you have come to the University, so make sure that you look into these options early, and get a head start with applying.

The Prince's Trust    

The Princes Trust provide Development Loans of up to £500 to fund childcare costs to help you attend a college course, buy equipment, materials or tools , pay for travel costs to a work placement, training course or job. It will not fund university tuition fees.    

You must be 16-25 and not at university yet – so this is only for prospective students.    

For more information click HERE.

t: 01282 714 365    

OR Contact: The Princes Trust, North West Regional, Northbridge House, Elm Street Business Park, Burnley, Lancashire, BB10 1PD

Buttle UK Grant Scheme for Students    

“Our grant scheme for students and trainees helps young people facing severe financial and personal difficulties, often without family or parental support, acquire academic, trade or professional qualifications which gives them the opportunity to succeed in life.    

Last year we supported 180 students with grants totalling £281,108 for courses as diverse as bricklaying, the performing arts, business studies and medicine”    

More information, including criteria can be found HERE.            

t: 020 78287311    

OR Contact: Frank Buttle Trust, Audley House, 13 Palace Street, London, SW1E 5HX

Foyer University Bursary    

This is a non-competitive (i.e. if you are eligible you will receive the bursary) bursary administered by the Forum Federation. Forums are national ‘hostels’ for homeless young people. The nearest one is in Eccles. The criteria for a Forum Bursary are:    

  • You are a resident of a Foyer in England      
  • Or you are going to university and were a Foyer resident a year or less ago      
  • You are a Home student      

If a student fulfils this criteria they can apply online from April HERE.

Please note you do not have to be a care leaver to be a Foyer resident.        

t: 020 7430 2212    

OR Contact: Foyer Federation, 3rd Floor, 5 - 9 Hatton Wall, London, EC1N 8HX

The Care Leavers' Foundation Trust Fund        

A small grants scheme for care leavers aged up to 29.        

Grant applications are welcomed from all care leavers up to the age of 26 to help with personal development needs, crisis payments, education, training or employment needs.        

Applications connected with training and enterprise are open to care leavers up to the age of 29. You can download the application HERE.        

t: 01952 504 715        

OR Contact: Care Leaver Foundation, P.O Box 202, Bala, Wales, LL23 7ZB

As a Care-Experienced Student, you may be eligible for the Care Leaver Bursary. The bursary is worth £1000 per academic year and once you’re a registered student, you’ll be invited to our Bursary Registration event which will give you the chance to meet the team, learn about work opportunities and get some free pizza!

The University has a dedicated Wellbeing and Counselling Service that can help you with any emotional support that you require. To find out more about the service please contact them on 0161 295 0023 (Option 1, Option 1)

When you join the University you will be invited to join a Microsoft Teams Group for care leavers only. This operates like a student care leaver only social media site where you can chat to other care leavers and get information from the Care Leaver Team in askUS.

Yes. Firstly, we guarantee all Care Leavers paid work if they want it to work as an Ambassador. This is not regular work, but it is flexible and paid. At first you could be working on events we do to encourage other care leavers to come to university, showing care leavers around the University, working with young people in care, or helping out at the annual Greater Manchester Care Leaver Awards. If you want more work, you can apply to be an ambassador that helps with open days and other events. We also have an on-campus job agency called UniTemps who can help you find part-time work that is flexible around your timetable.

Yes. Firstly, you can become a Student Ambassador (see above). The University also works regionally and nationally to champion the rights of care leavers in education. So if you are political, let us know, we would love to hear from you.

No. When you disclose to the University (either on your UCAS application or at registration) that information only is shared with the small Care Leaver Team in askUS. Your teaching team and your School will not know. If we have to tell them for whatever reason, we will ask your permission first. Likewise, none of your fellow students will know either unless you tell them.