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Reasonable adjustment plan

During an appointment with a Disability Adviser a Reasonable Adjustment Plan (RAP) will be created. The RAP will detail reasonable adjustments and any difficulties you may have relating to your studies. It will be distributed to select University staff, so that your course can become more accessible to you. It will also include advice for both you and staff.

You may be able to apply for additional support funding before your appointment

What will I need before my appointment?

You should provide us with:

  • Medical Evidence, such as a letter from a medical practitioner detailing your disability and how it impacts on you.
  • If you have a Specific Learning Difficulty, such as Dyslexia, you should provide an Educational Psychology Report.
  • You should also complete and return our registration form.

What will I be asked during the appointment?

The questions you will be asked will be about;

  • Your disability and how it affects your life and study at the University.
  • Any previous support you may have had.
  • Details of your course, for example assessments, placements and teaching.

Can I ever change my RAP?

We understand that your disability may vary from time to time and therefore the support you need may also change. If you feel that your plan is no longer appropriate to your needs it can be amended by contacting us

Please notify us if you change or progress to another course as you will need to request that your course details are updated and your Reasonable Adjustment Plan is redistributed to your new academic staff.