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Reasonable adjustment plan

Your Reasonable Adjustment Plan (RAP) will list the reasonable adjustments as discussed in your RAP appointment. It will be distributed to select University saff, so that your course can become more accessible to you. It will also include advice for both you and staff. Your RAP will be a document of  4-5  pages. you will receive a copy electronically to your Salford student email account. 

What will I be asked?

The questions you will be asked will be about;

  • Your disability and how it affects your life and study at the University    
  • Any previous support you may have had    
  • Details of your course, e.g. do you have any exams? Placement? etc    

What will I need to bring?

You should bring with you;

  • Medical Evidence, such as a letter from a medical practitioner detailing your disability. See medical evidence template
  • Details of your course    
  • A copy of your passport number, date of issue and expiry (these are found on the same page as your picture)    

Can I ever change my RAP?

We understand that your disability may vary from time to time and therefore the support you need may also change. If you feel that your plan is no longer appropriate to your needs it can be amended by contacting us or attending a quick query session. 

What changes can be made?

Changes can include anything listed in your RAP, changes can be made by removing or adding support.

Please notify us if you change or progress to another course as you will need to request that your course details are updated and your Reasonable Adjustment Plan is redistributed to your new academic staff.