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What is an Educational Psychologist Assessment?

Educational Psychologists can identify specific learning difficulties, like dyslexia and dyspraxia, by assessing your learning styles at an Educational Psychologist Assessment. The assessment lasts around 2 hours and takes place in University House.

The Educational Psychologist Assessment

This is not about 'passing' or 'failing' so don't worry. The assessment includes:

Cognitive tests - These allow the psychologist to consider your strengths and weaknesses. This may highlight why some styles of study are better for you.

A literacy assessment - to look at reading, writing and spelling in order to formulate an understanding of your achievements in these areas

The Educational Psychologist will produce a report from the outcomes of the assessment. Disability & Learner Support will use this report to make recommendations towards your Reasonable Adjustment Plan.

Appointment reminders - If you miss an appointment with the Educational Psychologist you are liable for the full cost of assessment, unless you provide at least 48 hours' notice. You will receive a reminder of your appointment time by text message.