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I Have Already Been Assessed for Dyslexia

If you have already been assessed and identified as having dyslexia, please contact Disability & Learner Support. We will arrange an appointment with a disability adviser to discuss your support needs and, if appropriate, help you apply for Disabled Students’ Allowance.

Before making an appointment please ensure you have a copy of your dyslexia report, and bring it with you when you make your appointment at a askUS desk or send it to Disability & Learner Support.

Disability & Learner Support will be able to tell you whether your report is suitable to use to apply for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA).  If it is suitable, you will be given an appointment for a Reasonable Adjustment Plan.  If not, you will be referred for a new assessment. (see How Can I be Assessed for Dyslexia.)

For DSA your report will need to

  • Be a full diagnostic assessment, showing evidence of cognitive and literacy difficulties
  • Completed after you turn 16 years old
  • State that you have a Specific Learning Difficulty such as Dyslexia or Dyspraxia