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Dyslexia assessments

If you think you may have specifc learning difficulties such as dyslexia or dyspraxia and wish to be assessed, please visit  AskUS, call 0161 295 0023 or email where you will be advised to complete a questionnaire. 

Students with No Previous Assessment:

To arrange the asessment you will need to return the questionnaire to by post, scanning and emailing, or dropping off at University House and pay £50 via the online shop or make the payment at the Finance Desk in University House. If you pay online we automatically receive an electronic receipt, if you pay at University House we will need you to provide the receipt or a copy to Disablity & Learner Support. Once we have your completed form and confirmation of payment we will contact you each time we have available assessments. 

Students Who Have Been Previously Assessed:

Before 16:

If you have been assessed before for a Specific Learning Difficulty then it is useful to provide us with a copy of any reports, but you will need to be reassessed.

Post 16:

If you were assessed for a Specific Learning Difficulty aged16 or older, bring your report in to University House as it may be suitable for us to put support in place for you without you having to be reassessed. We will advise you if it is suitable or not. If not, you will need to pay the £50 contribution via the online shop and have a full assessment.

Final Year Students in their Final Semester:

Unfortunately due to the timescale in relation to having assessments and receiving support we cannot allow final semester students to have an assessment, unless you wish to pay the full amount (£289). If you decide to pay for the assessment and then register for another course or have to repeat any  first semester modules the following year then the cost of the assessment can be reimbursed minus the £50 contribution. To be eligible for reimbursement the semester that the assessment takes place in and the semester of the new registration must run consecutively. Students must approach Disability & Learner Support to claim a reimbursement.  

Prospective Student:

If you are not a registered student but plan to study here next academic year then you can pay the full cost of the assessment (£289) and be refunded, minus the £50 student contribution, once you register with the University. You will need to contact us after you register to arrange  this. Alternatively you can wait until you are a registered student and make the £50 payment at that time.  


Failure to Attend 

If you miss an assessment appointment you will be required to pay the difference to cover the cost of the assessment as the University will still be charged. This will be an additional charge of £289. You can make this payment via the online shop or at the Finance Desk in University House. You would then be required to pay a further £50 for a new assessment to be booked. Please note we may be able to waive the fee if you can  provide evidence that the reason for your failure to attend was unexpected and unavoidable, for example a note from a doctor if you could not attend for medical reasons.


Where less than 24hrs notice is provided, without good reason for the cancellation, a further assessment may not be offered and you may have to seek an assessment with an external company at their full cost price. The full cost of an assessment at the university is greatly subsidised, currently, the full price being charged to the University is £289 ( 2018-19), but many companies charge far higher fees. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your appointment.  

Salford Support Fund

If paying the contribution towards the cost of the assessment creates financial difficulties for you, you may be eligible for financial assistance through the Salford Support Fund. To apply please click here to visit. Please note you cannot apply for this in order to pay for any stage of the assessment, only if difficulties arise after the payments have been made.