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Leaving the UK

When you have completed your programme we need to ensure your immigration record is up to date for your situation. This is to ensure that the Home Office has the most accurate understanding of your situation so that your immigration record will be ready for you to make new visa applications to the UK if you need to do so.

You must leave the UK on or before the expiry date of your current visa.  If you do not leave the UK before your visa expires you have overstayed.  Overstaying is a criminal offence.  You should start making the arrangements to return to your home country as early as possible.

If you have completed your programme much  earlier than was originally expected or have had your current visa curtailed or withdrawn, the Home Office will write to you to confirm a new expiry date for your visa which will replace your previous expiry date.

Once you have returned home, please supply your flight details to the University.  You must provide an e-ticket and either boarding card or passport stamp to

If your Tier 4 visa has expired, this cannot be extended or re-issued for the Graduation ceremony.

You can return to the UK to attend Graduation using the Standard Visitor Visa route (a visa for general/tourism purposes in the UK). You can read about and apply for the Standard Visitor Visa here.

The University can issue you with a letter to support your Standard Visitor Visa application. This letter can be requested here.