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International registration for current students

Below is an overview of the registration process for an International student. For a more detailed guide and to get started with the online portal please visit the registration website.

Step 1 - Arrive

As an international student you are required to re-register every academic year and therefore it is important that you plan to arrive in the UK with enough time to attend international check-in and register.  

Arriving late in the UK could result in you missing international check-in and having your student status and Tier 4 visa withdrawn.

Step 2 - Book an appointment

Prior to re-registration, you will be be contacted via email informing you of the registration period during which you will be able to attend an international check-in appointment.  During this appointment you will be required to provide your immigration documents to the University.

Step 3 - Attend

At your international check-in appointment a member of University staff will check your immigration documentation. You must bring original documents to your check-in appointment.  The documents you bring with you depend on the type of immigration permission you have:

I have a Tier 4 visaI have a non-Tier 4 visa
Your current visa            Your current visa
Your passport 

The University is required by law to hold a copy of these documents so, if ever we are requested to do so by the Home Office, we can provide proof of your leave to remain in the UK.  It is therefore extremely important that you keep us updated throughout your studies.

If you are unable to attend your appointment you should e-mail the International check-in team via so they can re-arrange for a more suitable time.

Step 4 - Register Online

Once you have completed international check-in you will be able to complete on-line registration.  You must complete this straight away to ensure you are a registered student and to avoid missing any deadlines.

The University has a responsibility to report to the Home Office any student who fails to register.  If you are unable to register on time please contact the Home Office Compliance Team so we can advise you on your options.

Step 5 - Key responsibilities

To ensure you meet the requirements of your visa during your time at Salford University, we recommend you familiarise yourself with your key responsibilities here and here.  Remember – your visa, your responsibility.