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Check and Send

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Apply for your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from here.

You should receive your CAS number via email within five working days.

If you are applying in the UK, apply for our Tier 4 visa application checking service – the ‘Check and Send’ scheme.

If you are an international student already registered at the University and are applying for your Tier 4 visa from within the UK you can use the ‘Check and send’ scheme.  This scheme ensures your Tier 4 visa application and supporting documents are correct before being submitted to UKVI. 

Please note: You must have your CAS before making a ‘Check and send’ request.

Using the ‘Check and send’ scheme makes the Tier 4 visa application process much less stressful for you. It increases the likelihood that your application will be successful (refused applications remain on your immigration record) and prevents delays if your application is submitted incorrectly.

We also manage the delivery of documents from UKVI and help with any questions that UKVI has. We will contact you when there are documents for you to collect and when your new visa arrives. This takes the pressure off you and ensures your new visa is issued as efficiently as possible.

The visa application fee and IHS surcharges for the UKVI do not change, but there is no fee from the University to use the scheme.

  1. Complete the Tier 4 (General) visa online application form on the UKVI website but stop at part 4 - “Declaration”. Do not complete this section or your answers cannot be changed and corrected later if necessary.
  2. Complete the ‘Check and send’ request form using your Salford Advantage account here.
  3. Upload the supporting documents required for your Tier 4 application (e.g. passport, visa, financial support evidence) and a PDF of the draft UKVI Tier 4 application form. 
  4. We will check your Tier 4 application and supporting documents. If we require any more information we will contact you directly by email. This process normally takes two working days. 
  5. We will invite you to attend a ‘Check and send’ workshop at the University to submit your application.