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School of Arts and Media

Guidance for online portfolios

An online portfolio is a selection of your artwork, drawings, sketchbook pages, photographs, models, design work etc. that reflect the range of your abilities, your creative process, and your interest in the  course  that you have applied for. 

Online portfolios are used to select suitable candidates.

  • Your online portfolio should showcase approximately 15 examples of your work.    
  • Show both finished work and work in progress e.g. sketchbook work or development sheets.    
  • You can include course work, sketchbooks, photographs, drawings, paintings, models, sculptures, objects, websites, videos – anything that supports your application for the course you have chosen.    
  • You may need to digitize some of your work - use a camera or scanner as required to obtain the best digital images.    
  • Add short descriptions for each image, explaining the work, the project and your response.    

There are many websites such as BloggerFlickr, and DeviantArt where you can create your online portfolio for free. Alternatively, you can send us a link to your own personal website. Please email the information below to us, with the name of the programme you are applying for in the Subject line.

  • Full name    
  • UCAS number    
  • Website address for your online portfolio    
  • Name of the programme you are applying for    
  • Contact telephone number

If you are made an offer, you will be invited to attend an Applicant Visit Day as well as our Applicant Social Event, which will be an opportunity to talk about your portfolio and network with your future lecturers and course mates.