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School of Arts and Media

Phillip Tipton

Lecturer in Linguistics and English Language


I teach and convene a range of modules across the undergraduate portfolio English Language programmes.

·         Foundations of Language I (Level 4)

·         Varieties of English (Level 4)

·         Sounds of English (Level 5)

·         Language in Society (Level 5)

·         Understanding Speech (Level 6)

Northern Voices (Level 6)

Research Interests

My research interests sit broadly in the field of sociolinguistics, with a particular focus on the cognitive representation of linguistic variation. 

Qualifications and Memberships

BA Linguistics, University of Cambridge

MA Sociolinguistics, University of Essex

PhD (in progress) English Sociolinguistics, University of Bern


(2013) ‘North West English'.  In Hopkins, T.,  J. McKenny and R. Decker (eds.) World Englishes: Volume 1, The British Isles.  London: Continuum

(2009) Review note on Phillips, B. ‘Word Frequency and Lexical Diffusion’. In Language in Society, 38:2.

(2008) Review note on Wales, K. ‘Northern English’.  In Language in Society, 37:5.

(2007) (ed.) Essex Graduate Student Papers in Language and Linguistics Volume IX with C. Jaensch, F. Nakatsuhara and G. Sarko. Colchester: University of Essex.