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School of Arts and Media

Denise Vernon

Coordinator of Performance


Senior Lecturer in Theatre, Performance and Cultural Studies

Appointed as Visiting Lecturer 1986

Appointed as Full-time lecturer 1993

Member of Senate (1998-2001)  &  (2006-2008)

( Member of Senate Committees, University and School Review Panels as well as  School & College Committees)

Head of Division/Director  (Performance) Feb 2007- July 2010

School Study Skills Coordinator

School PDP Coordinator

School PACE/Study Skills Coordinator (  former MM&P)


BA English and Classical Studies – University of Birmingham

PGCE  - University of Hull

MA in Cultural Representation – University of Staffordshire

External -  Royal Central School of Speech and Drama


Modules Past and Present:

Theatre History ( Tragedy and Comedy)

Gender and Sexuality

Feminism and Performance

Comedy and Theatre

British Contemporary Theatre

Performance and Culture 1

Performance and Culture 2

Contextual Performance Studies


Body and Performance

Comedy, Media and Performance

Critical and Textual Studies


Gender, Sexuality and Performance

Performance in Context

Practical Research Projects

(Theatre Project Supervision)

Module Coordinator for  most of these modules

Research Interests

Performance Studies

Theatre Drama Studies

Cultural Studies – ( Gender in Particular)

Comedy – comedy practice and theory


Qualifications and Memberships

British Association of Australian Studies (Committee member)(1996-2002)

External  - Royal Central School of Speech and Drama




‘The Limits of Good will’, in Ashok, Bery and Patricia Murray (2000) Comparing Colonial Literatures, London: Macmillan.


Paper: 'From Paternalism to Uncertainty', British Australian Studies Association Biennial Conference, University of Kent, October 1994.

Paper: 'Ulster-in-the-South Seas' British Australian Studies Association HistoryGroup, University of Edinburgh, March 1995.

Paper: 'Memoirs of a Young Republican', European Association for Australian Studies Biennial Conference, Copenhagen, October 1995.

Paper:  ‘The Limits of Goodwill’ - Border Crossings: University of North London, January 1996

Paper: ‘Mudrooroo v Davis – a struggle for an authentic indigenous voice in Australian literature’ British Australian Studies Association Biennial Conference, University of Surrey, Sept. 2002.

Paper: ‘Germaine Greer: Performing Feminism’ - British Australian Studies Association Biennial Conference, Cardiff, Sept. 2004

Paper: ‘Clothes that make you feel strong and grand: Vivienne Westwood’s works of art’ – Interdisciplinary Landscapes Conference – University of Northampton, September 2004.

Paper:  ‘A Sense of the Ridiculous – Contemporary woman in Spaced, Smack the Pony and Green Wing’ - What have you got in that box? – Regional/National Comedy, Screens and British Identity, University of Salford 2007. 

Paper ‘The Art of Willful Extravagance’ – In Pursuit of Luxury, University of Hertfordshire (Royal Institute of British Architects, June2010.

‘The Anxieties and Tensions in speaking oppression’ - Slave Conference, The University of Salford, November 2010.


Writer, Director Pandemonium in Pantoland

Director     Miss Julie

 Co-Director  The Trial, "The Mad Abbot" Edinburgh Fringe Festival       

Director Don Juan Returns from the War                                                    

Co-Director The Big Ditch, Dukes 92, Castlefield, Manchester                   

Writer/Director   Madeleine and the Mill Girl                                               

Director, Adapter The Beggar’s Opera                                                            

Director, Adaptor Helen (Euripides)                                                                 

Writer, Director A Christmas Carol                                                                  

Co-writer, Director  Cinderella                                                                         

Director/Adaptor The Country Wife