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School of Arts and Media

Dan Price

Lecturer in Music


Born in the Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire I took a keen interest in music from an early age playing tuba in the local village brass band.

After school I continued my musical interests with several local brass and wind bands and developed a semi-professional career playing double bass, sousaphone and bass saxophone with a number of jazz, mainstream and swing ensembles in London and in the Midlands including the internationally acclaimed Pasadena Roof Orchestra. In addition to performing I continued my interest in composition whilst developing a reputation as a brass band conductor in my local area.

In 2003 I returned to higher education and enrolled on the Band Musicianship course at Salford University where I studied composition with Prof. Peter Graham. Whilst studying I received my first commercial success with a commission of the flugelhorn arrangement That’ll Do for soloist John Doyle and the Black Dyke Band. Shortly after this, my test-piece An Elgar Portrait was selected as the 4th Section set work at the Swiss National Brass Band Championships in 2007 and was also used the following year at the Pontins Championships. Further success was gained in 2009 when my test-piece New World Sketches was set as the 2nd Section test work for the British Area Contests.

In that same year I became a ‘Composer in Association’ with the Cory Band assisting them with their winning program at the Brass In Concert contest and have since continued to produce original works for the band and its soloists.

I have also held the position of ‘Arranger in Association’ with the Black Dyke Band and have been involved with a number of exciting projects, including the Danger Global Warming Project Recycled; a ground breaking multimedia campaign to heighten awareness of global warming and also a collaboration with British composer Tolga Kashif for his 2012 Olympic Anthem Let Your Light Shine.

In addition to a full time appointment at the University of Salford I remain the ‘Resident Composer’ with the world famous Grimethorpe Colliery Band and continue to write new and innovative works for some of the leading brass, concert bands and brass soloists in the United Kingdom, America, New Zealand and Europe.


History of Music

Musical Theory




Research Interests

New Scoring Techniques for Brass and Wind Band

Cross genre performance based collaboration

Qualifications and Memberships

Master of Arts – Composition

BA(Hons) - Music


Darkwood                                           2012 Kirklees Music

Elgar Portrait, An                                2008 Kirklees Music

Moonrakers                                        2006 Kirklees Music

New World Sketches                          2009 Kirklees Music

Newton Wood Suite                           2014 Yewden Music

Realms of Asgard                              2014 Yewden Music

Take Not Thy Thunder                       2011 Kirklees Music

Tranquil Seas                                     2012 Prima Vista Musikk Ltd

Visions                                               2010 Prima Vista Musikk Ltd

Brass Band Original Concert Items:

Angelicus                                           2013 Yewden Music

American Tale, An                             2009 Prima Vista Musikk Ltd (PVM)

Blue Thunder                                     2013 Yewden Music        

Christmas Spirit                                 2013 Yewden Music

Dear Old Blighty                                2014 PVM

Dreamtime                                         2013 Yewden Music

Flame Of Independence                    2009 PVM

Flanders Fields                                  2014 Yewden Music

Holcombe Hill                                    2010 PVM

Lamp, The                                         2015 Yewden Music

Maneno Ya                                       2012 PVM

Metropolis                                         2008 Kirklees Music

New Horizon, A                                 2010 Kirklees Music

Peacemakers, The                            2014 PVM

Prelude and Fanfare “Air”                  2010 PVM

Sea of Oceans                                  2015 Yewden Music

Sunrise Over Blue Ridge                  2009 PVM

Starburst                                           2014 Yewden Music

Brass Band Solo Items:

Cloud Rider                                       2015 Yewden Music -Trombone

Dirty Duck, The                                 2012 PVM - Bb Cornet

Divertimento                                      2010 PVM - Euphonium and Piano

Mists on the River Wear                    2010 PVM - Eb Tuba

Moody Mallard, The                           2015 Yewden Music – Bb Cornet

Moonbeams                                       2009 PVM – Flugelhorn

On Winter Hill                                     2011 PVM – Euphonium

Sultry Swan, The                                2015 Yewden Music – Bb Cornet

Trip the Light Fantastic                       2010 PVM - Tenor Horn

Concert Band Extended Works:

New World Sketches                          2013 PVM – Three

Newton Wood Suite                           2014 Yewden Music

Tranquil Seas                                     2012 PVM – Four movement suite

Concert Band Concert Items:

Angelicus                                            2014 Yewden Music

An American Tale                               2010 PVM

Flame Of Independence                     2010 PVM

Flanders Fields                                   2015 Yewden Music

Holcombe Hill                                     2011 PVM

Maneno Ya                                        2012 PVM

Prelude and Fanfare “Air”                  2010 PVM

Sunrise Over Blue Ridge                   2010 PVM

Starburst                                            2015 Yewden Music

Concert Band Solo Items:

On Winter Hill                                    2011 PVM

Choral Works:

Angelicus                                           2013 Yewden Music

Four Northumberland Songs             2013 Yewden Music (SSAA)

Infants Lullaby                                   2012 Yewden Music

Other Works:

Grace                                                 2013 Yewden Music - Alto Sax / Piano