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School of Arts and Media

Dr Axiotis (Akis) Kechagias

Lecturer in Linguistics


I am a Lecturer in Linguistics, member of the English Language and TESOL/Applied Linguistics teams. I joined the University of Salford in September 2012 after I completed a Master of Research (MRes) and a doctoral programme (PhD) both at University College London (UCL). Before moving to Salford I worked as a visiting lecturer and teaching fellow at a number of institutions mainly in London and the South-East such as UCL, Queen Mary-University of London, the University of Hertfordshire and the University of Westminster.


Undergraduate modules:

Foundations of Language,
Psychology of Language,
Language Acquisition,
Grammar and Syntactic Theory,
The Grammar of Words (Morphology)
Topics in English Language

Postgraduate modules (team-taught)

Language Structure and Use  (team taught)
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics (Team taught)

Research Interests

Dr Axiotis (Akis) Kechagias joined the University of Salford in 2012 where he is employed as a Lecturer in Linguistics. He is also an Honorary Research Associate in Linguistics at University College London. Akis works within the broad context of Theoretical and Applied linguistics. His research revolves mostly around the structural properties of natural language and grammatical theory, the relation between different linguistic subsystems (particularly the syntax-morphology interface), as well as the relation between language structure and language-external systems such as cognition and information structure, areas in which he has published a number of articles and has given talks and presentations. Secondarily, Akis has a keen interest in psycholinguistics (especially in the relation between linguistic knowledge and parsing), language acquisition (especially the acquisition of syntax and discourse functions in L1 and L2) and quantitative methods in Linguistics, areas in which he is currently establishing collaborations and partnerships with academics at institutions in the UK, USA and Greece.

Qualifications and Memberships

BA in Linguistics with Classics (University of Ioannina, Greece)

MRes in Theoretical Linguistics (University College London)
PhD in Linguistics (University College London)

Advanced Core Training in Linguistics (ACTL) Diploma
PgCert in Higher Education (in progress)

As of 2014 I am a member of

the Linguistic Association of Great Britain (LAGB) and
the Linguistic Society of America (LSA)


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Kechagias, A (2008). VOS in Modern Greek: Syntax  Revisited.  In UCL  Working Papers in Linguistics, vol. 20, (eds.) H. Cao, T. N. Galery & K. Scott  (