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Your Experience

The wisdom of your experience is hugely valuable to current students who are thinking about the best way to secure their own future.

For example, you may have recently taken your own successful first steps into a career, have experience of a particularly competitive industry, or be a seasoned professional with an insight into the skills that employers are looking for from graduates.

If you are interested in providing practical advice to students to help them improve their professional skills and understanding, please get in touch via or +44 (0)161 295 4265.

As an expert in your field, your input into our students' programmes of study is invaluable in helping to ensure that Salford graduates receive a broad education that is grounded in current industry trends.

We are committed to producing highly employable graduates with a solid understanding of the opportunities and challenges that exist within their chosen industry.

We would be delighted to hear from you if you have an interest in coming to present to students and contribute to the applied teaching that Salford is known for.

Come and speak directly to students about your own career journey and provide insight into how to find and secure a position in your industry; how to make connections; the application and interview process; and how to succeed in the workplace.

Join a panel of fellow alumni and industry professionals to give an insight into the range of careers and industries that are available to students studying particular subjects.

These sessions are invaluable, giving students the opportunity to gain an insight into the realities of working in different roles, potentially widening their horizons and helping them to make decisions about their own career path.

Networking is a key skill for ambitious graduates hoping to secure their first position or build a set of contacts to connect with and continue their professional development.

These events enable Salford students to develop their skills and establish a professional network before they've even left the University - you might even pick up a few contacts of your own!

The critical transition between academic study and working life presents many challenges. Mentoring offers students the opportunity to share their concerns and queries with you as a person who has been through the same experience, and to capitalise on your knowledge and insight as they work to define their goals and how to achieve them.

In addition to the invaluable insight offered by their mentor, students are supported and encouraged to manage their own career development, maximize their potential, and develop skills to improve employment prospects through a variety of career development workshops and initiatives offered by the University’s careers service.

Mentoring is a great way to give back to the University and support students to develop the skills and confidence they need to enter their chosen sector. It also brings the satisfaction of helping others, and mentors often report that there is much that they have learned from their mentees, including fresh ideas, insights, feedback and social contact.