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Made in Salford

Made in Salford - Your alumni profile

Thank you for sharing your story and your experience of studying at Salford. Your testimonial will inspire and motivate our current students as well as those considering Salford. Your story showcases your success and also demonstrates the experience and diverse career paths our alumni go on to have.

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Sharing my experience by speaking or getting involved in career/networking events, open days, widening participation, recruitment events
Becoming a mentor
Providing work-based learning opportunities such as placements and internships
Making a donation to support a University priority such as a student scholarship, the Salford Institute for Dementia or Library
The University is proud of its history of inclusive learning for all. We are often looking for alumni with specific experiences to share their story and act as role models for others. Please tick to indicate whether you would be willing to speak about your experience of any of the following:
The student experience as an international student
Gaining a place at the University through clearing
Entering higher education as a care leaver (e.g. foster care, children’s home or local authority care when younger)
Studying whilst caring for sick or disabled friends or family
Entering higher education as an asylum seeker or refugee (sanctuary seeker)
Studying with little or no support (or becoming estranged whilst at University)
Receiving a scholarship at the University of Salford
The student experience as a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans person
The student experience as a person with a strong faith or religious identity

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Any information you provide to the University will be securely held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018, the University’s Data Protection Policy and the Office of Alumni Engagement and Development’s Privacy Policy.

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