Acoustics and Audio

A row of speakers

Close your eyes. Listen. Those noises and vibrations you hear and feel are part of acoustics - the science of sound.

As our world gets louder and blocking out unwanted noise becomes more of a challenge, there is a huge opportunity for skilled professionals to shape our built environment and audio equipment to alleviate problems and engineer solutions.

Our sound, audio and acoustics degree courses are designed to give you both the technical knowledge and the practical skills to work in a diverse and exciting range of industries and career fields.

Undergraduate Acoustics and Audio courses

Students in the anechoic chamber

For over 60 years, Salford has pioneered acoustics teaching and research. Led by research-active practitioners, you'll complete practical experiments in our audio and acoustic facilities, and discover the amazing number of ways that sound and acoustics impact our everyday lives.

Postgraduate Acoustics and Audio courses

Acoustics researcher working with a microphone

Stand out from the graduate crowd by gaining advanced knowledge and skills in audio and acoustics with one of our specialist postgraduate degrees, available with full-time and part-time study routes.

During your studies, you can draw on our world-class audio engineering and acoustics research and innovation that has shaped global audio products, mobilised advanced acoustic consultants and set regulations and standards both in the UK and worldwide.