Applicant Visit Days

Join us on campus to take the next step on your journey to the University of Salford!

Your Applicant Visit Day

Now that you’ve received your offer to study at Salford, the next step in your journey should be to join us on campus for an Applicant Visit Day!

These exclusive, offer holder-only events will allow you to explore the campus you may end up calling home, meet our staff and students and take a look around our award-winning accommodation. Most importantly, you’ll get the chance to explore your course in more detail to get a true taste of life as a Salford student.

You’ll be able to chat with your future lecturers about what exactly the course will entail. We’ll also show you around the outstanding facilities related to your course of choice and give you the chance to get hands-on with the equipment for a true taste of life as a Salford student.

You’ll also have the chance to meet and get to know your future coursemates which is a great way to start making friends and connections ahead of your arrival as well as to share tips and guidance with each other as you embark on this journey together.


Travel Bursary

We want you to be able to make an informed decision when you're choosing where to study and we know the best way to do that is to come along and visit. The financial cost of this can add up quickly, so we'd like to offset some of the cost of travelling to your Applicant Visit Day. If you live in Greater Manchester, we'll contribute £20 to the cost of your visit; for anyone coming from further afield, we'll contribute £50. Find out more in the FAQs section below.

Select your date

Select your date

We have Applicant Visit Days taking place between February and May. Some dates are course-specific, while others are open to applicants from all courses. The course session and optional sessions will have the same content on each of the available dates, so you only need to attend one date.

Use the drop down below to select your course and find out what dates are available. Once you have selected your preferred date, simply book your place using the booking form below.

Some presentations for the Foundation Years will run on different dates from the main degree. If your course appears as a Foundation Year please select this option. 


  • Saturday 18 February
  • Wednesday 8 March
  • Saturday 13 May


  • Saturday 18 February
  • Wednesday 8 March
  • Saturday 13 May

Your event will take place on:

  • Wednesday 29 March
  • Tuesday 4 April
  • Saturday 13 May


  • Wednesday 8 March
  • Saturday 13 May


  • Wednesday 15 March
  • Saturday 13 May


  • Wednesday 15 March
  • Tuesday 4 April
  • Saturday 13 May


  • Wednesday 29 March
  • Saturday 13 May


  • Saturday 18 February
  • Wednesday 15 March
  • Saturday 13 May


  • Tuesday 4 April
  • Saturday 13 May

Your event will take place on:

  • Wednesday 29 March
  • Saturday 13 May

Book your place

To book your place, simply fill out the booking form below. 

Please note – if you’re attending your Applicant Visit Day on a weekday, we will ask you to select your optional sessions on the booking form. If you’re attending on a Saturday, this won’t be necessary, and you can just choose your optional sessions on the day. Find out more information about the optional sessions in the what to expect section below

Once you have booked your place, we will send you a confirmation email containing your personalised schedule of the day. We’ll then keep you updated in the run-up to the event with everything you need to know ahead of your arrival.

What to expect at an Applicant Visit Day

There are lots of sessions on offer at our Applicant Visit Days that will allow you to learn more about your chosen course, explore our campus and find out what it's really like to study at the University of Salford.

Each event will have a dedicated course session to provide you with that essential insight into your chosen subject. There will also be a number of optional sessions which you can choose to attend based on your interests and requirements. Before you make your selections on the booking form, you can find out more information on each sessions below.

 Click through each of the activities below to find out more. 


Optional sessions

Course session

Attending the course session is your chance to find out what it’s really like to study your chosen course so we’d encourage you to come along armed with questions.

The content of the course activities will vary by course, but will typically include:

  • A more detailed look into your course, the way you will be taught and how you will be assessed.
  • The opportunity to speak with current students about their experiences, both on your course and as a student at the University of Salford.  
  • A tour of the specialist facilities (if applicable) and a chance to get hands-on.

Your course session will take place from 14:00 on a weekday event. On a weekend this may differ so please keep an eye out on your emails once you have booked onto an event. 

Campus tours

Get to know the campus but joining us on a tour, led by our Student Ambassadors.

For a weekday event, you can book onto a campus tour at 09:45, 10:30, 11:15 and 12:00. These tours will take place on our Peel Park campus which includes the library, sports centre and student accommodation buildings. If your course is based at a different campus, we’ll include a tour of that campus later on in the day as part of your subject session.

For a weekend event, campus tours will run throughout the day on each campus. 

Accommodation tours

You’ll have the chance to visit both our accommodation sites, Peel Park Quarter (based on our Peel Park campus) or John Lester/Eddie Colman (based a 10 minute walk from campus, but we’ll take you by coach). If you’re not sure which accommodation site you want to see, have a look at the further information on our accommodation partner Campus Living Village’s website. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when accommodation bookings open.

For a weekday event, these sessions will run at 09:45, 10:30, 11:15 and 12:00 for Peel Park Quarter and 11:15 and 12:00 for John Lester/Eddie Colman. For weekend events these will be open for a drop-in throughout the day. 

Fees and funding at Salford

Financing your studies can feel like a minefield, but our team are here to help. This talk will take you through all the relevant information about applying for student finance. This session will run at 10:30 and 12:00 for weekday events and several times throughout the day on Saturdays.

Please note that if you have specific enquiries about your eligibility for student finance, these questions are better directed to Student Finance EnglandWalesScotland or Northern Ireland as appropriate.

Student Support and Wellbeing at Salford

This presentation will advise on topics such as wellbeing and counselling, diversity, careers, academic support and more. We’ll also talk you through the process and tell you about the support services available here to you as a student with a disability. This session will run at 09:45 and 11:15 on weekdays and several times throughout the day on Saturdays.

Colleagues from our askUS Student Support and Disability and Inclusion teams will be available to talk to throughout the day.


Disability and learning support

Colleagues from our Disability Inclusion service are available throughout the day to answer specific queries. They can provide guidance and support about getting ready for University, and where applicable you will be able to book a 1-1 appointment outside of the event to discuss your specific requirements.

Life outside the classroom

Do you want to learn another language or take up a sport, whilst you study here at Salford? You can chat to members of the sport team, students' union and our language programme, to find out what else you can take advantage of whilst you are studying. There will be presentations taking place at 11:15 and 12:00 as well as running a drop in session from 10:00-13:00 on weekdays and throughout the day on Saturdays, so feel free to pop in whenever suits.

Chat with our students

Many of our students will be supporting the Applicant Visit Days - some in course sessions and others around campus in their red hoodies - so be sure to ask them about their student experience! 

In the meantime feel free to chat with our students here and ask any questions you may have about their university experience. Click the arrow on the right to move through the student profiles.


Event information

Why should I come to an Applicant Visit Day?

Our Applicant Visit Days give you an insight into your chosen course of study at Salford, as you will get the chance to meet the tutors and other applicants for your course. You will also have the opportunity to explore our campus and find out lots of information by attending sessions on finance, accommodation, student support and more. 

What's the difference between a weekday event and the Saturday events?

The sessions on offer will be the same whether you attend a weekday or a Saturday event, the structure of the day is what differs. If you are booking on to a weekday event, the optional sessions will take place in the morning and you’ll be asked to book on to them. For a Saturday event, the optional sessions will be taking place throughout the day and there’s no need to pre-book on to them.

What times do the Applicant Visit Day run?

Our Applicant Visit Days will run from 09:30-16:00 on a Saturday. You will be sent further information on your course sessions, nearer to the event but these will take place at either 10:30 or 13:30. If you are attending a weekday event, the optional sessions will run from 09:00 and the subject specific sessions will start from 14:00, with the day finishing around 16:00.  

I am holding two offers, for different courses at the University, which event do I attend?

You are more than welcome to come to more than one Applicant Visit Day if you would like to attend the course sessions for both of your courses. If you are unable to attend two different dates, then we would recommend coming to your preferred choice of course. The optional sessions will be the same on all the events, so feel free to attend only for the course session on any additional visits.

Should I attend the optional sessions?

You don't have to, but we would advise you attend as many sessions as you can that are relevant to you. The optional sessions will provide more chances to view our campus and accommodation and find out more about the opportunities and support available. 

I can’t see my course on the date that I want to attend.

Not all courses are running on all the dates. You will be able to see which date(s) your course is available by selecting your course from the drop-down menu above.

Can I bring a guest?

Of course! Choosing a university is a big decision, so we’d absolutely encourage anyone who is supporting you to get involved and join you. 

What is the travel bursary and how do I claim it?

To make it easier for you to come and visit us, we're offering a travel bursary of up to £50 to offset some of the cost of travelling to your Applicant Visit Day. If you live in Greater Manchester, we'll contribute £20 to the cost of your visit; for anyone coming from further afield, we'll contribute £50.

A couple of days after the Applicant Visit Day, we will send an email to all attendees* which will include a form you must complete for us to process the travel bursary. There are a few rules and regulations to this, as you might expect, so here’s a quick run down:

  • Payments will be made via BACS transfer to UK bank accounts only.
  • You will be asked to provide the relevant sort code, account code and account name for the account you want the money to go to. Please make sure you double check this before you submit the form.
  • You are able to use a parent or supporter’s bank account, should you wish, but you must put the correct account details, including the name.
  • The form will also ask you to submit your postcode, which we’ll check against the address on your application.
  • All claims must be submitted within fourteen days of the Applicant Visit Day, and payment will then be made within
    ten days.
  • The payment rate is £20 per applicant living within Greater Manchester, and £50 for those outside Greater Manchester.
  • The payment is per applicant attending the event, not for each person who may attend with you.
  • The information you provide will be kept securely and in keeping with the University’s Data Protection Policy available at

* Please note that this will be sent to the primary email used to book onto the Applicant Visit Day

Health and Safety

In line with the latest government guidance, masks are not mandatory on campus. However, you are welcome to wear one if you feel more comfortable doing so. You will also find sanitisation points around our campuses, which you are welcome to use.

Need more information?

We’re happy to answer any other questions you may have either before or after the Applicant Visit Days. Take a look at our Offer Holder Hub where you can find lots of helpful information about your next steps and what studying at Salford is like.

We have also put together some helpful FAQs for prospective students. This page contains  lots of information on student support, accommodation, finance, teaching and learning and more. 

If your question isn't answered here, you can also get in touch via: 


Phone: 0161 295 4545 

Live chat: (you can find the chat icon at the bottom right of the screen)

Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 10am-4pm