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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Julia Cannon

Digital Communication Officer

I'm one of the five Digital Communications Officers in the Central Digital Team. Currently working on migration of the websites of College of Health & Social Care as part of the big school websites migration project.

I started my career in the University as a Marketer at the School of the Built Environment. My role was expanded to include Web management for the School. My digital marketing experiences include online advertising and PPC, SEO, CMS and social media.

I hold a Master degree in International Business Analysis from Leicester University as well as a BA(Hons) degree. I am a full member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. I listen to Classical music and like the outdoor life.

Caroline Faulkner

Digital Communications Officer

I started in working in web whilst at Manchester Metropolitan University as part of the marketing team. I was responsible for building and updating the accommodation website and various small project websites, as well as any Business as Usual.

In 2005 I moved to the University of Salford and joined the School of Environment & Life Sciences as Web & Marketing Officer, where I revamped their web presence and tied together all the marketing (both print and digital) and was a part in helping them grow in their specialised subjects.

Currently Digital Communications Officer at Salford, some of you will already have contacted me for small amendments to your current site, or I will have been out to see you regarding the migration of school and research centre websites.

Darren Langlands

Digital Communications Officer / Web Developer

I have been building websites since the early 90s and have won awards for creating innovative, user-focused content as a part of high-profile marketing campaigns.

I led on the roll out of Squiz Matrix CMS at Salford, along with the development of the new Course Finder. I currently represent users of Squiz products globally in my role as Squiz Community Advocate.

I am as happy going out to speak with stakeholders about their objectives as getting down and dirty with the codethat powers websites. I have often acted as a go-between senior management, IT and other stakeholders and believe that technology is the glue that brings people together.

Richard McBryer

Digital Communications Officer / Web Developer

I’ve been working for the University since 2010 and started as Webmaster for the College of Health & Social Care where I was responsible for maintaining and amending their 7 websites. During this time I joined the Squiz migration team to help to migrate content from the old site to the new.

Moving to the central digital team as digital communication officer/ web developer in 2012 I have developed a number of sub-sites within the University brand and enjoy meeting stakeholders across the University to create web sites that are both functional and pleasing to the eye.

My previous knowledge includes developing two ecommerce websites that were designed to integrate with a bespoke product database/warehouse management system, firewall and server management and IT/network support.

I love working with HTML and CSS and am currently fascinated with responsive (mobile friendly) web design techniques. We are currently implementing this on our core site by adopting a web design framework called the twitter bootstrap that will allow the development of mobile friendly pages at a much faster pace.

Mark Sanders

Digital Communications Officer / Web Developer

As a Digital Communications Officer with the Central Digital Team, most of my time is spent working on technical issues and performing Webmaster duties.

I have over 10 years experience in making websites, so I'm pretty fluent in HTML and CSS; I can also be quite convincing in some of the simpler programming languages and creative programmes like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I can talk SEO and Social Media with the best of them but have always had a particularly soft spot for accessibility and usability.
In the last year I've learnt how to use the new university Content Management System, and worked closely with various departments to ensure that our new system provides appropriate and focused functionality to serve changing business requirements.

This is my third role in the University, and the first time I've worked in a central service. My first 10 years at Salford were spent in schools: five years at the Information Systems Institute followed by five as Webmaster and Digital Communications Officer at Salford Business School. I've worked as a journalist, technical writer, translator and software programmer and have taught Dynamic Web Design and PC Maintenance!