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Memories of the University

The bucking bronco at University Day!

Sarah Bodell

My open day visit because it gave me an insight to the friendly staff .

Michelle Ward

Coming back to halls of residence (Faraday Hall) after vacations - it always felt like home.

Robin Whelpton

Going "over the top" in the Chemistry Tower paternosters and realising that I wouldn't be squashed to a pulp or tipped upside down.

Shane Hewitt

The excellent staff and friends who made a difference, the moments to treasure every day of my life at Salford and to those who sadly passed away but will never be forgotten.

Ailsa McGregor

Lectures with Gemma Lace-Costigan

Victoria Kelly.jpg

The pub crawl after our final exams!

Andrew Earle

The friends I made in Joule Hall and in the squash team. We did do some daft things that are best forgotten. One special moment was the general election of May 1979 and sharing the results night with a very special person.

Tim Holton

Castle Irwell Student Village and Professor Nigel Linge!

Qi Liu.jpg

My favourite memory is working at Winter Graduation 2016 - this was the first time I got to be involved and I loved every second!

Sarah Hall

While doing my master's, I had to suffer a lot with getting myself together and manage my time. I was very stressed and almost gave up on my master's. My supervisor, noticed my mood and he knew I wasn't doing very well. He asked if we can go grab a coffee. This coffee is my favourite uni memory ever.

Amr Hamed

Seeing the first group of students that I was working with as a personal tutor graduate.

Neil Withnell

I had a nice time with friends from different nations, using lab facilities and library. I also never forgot the kindness and hospitality of all the people worked at the University, in particular Dr. G Jolley, and the staff of the department.

Ezzet Abdulsalam

Josh Weinstein's graduation speech last year, with all my graduating third years in the audience!

Caroline Magennis

Having the opportunity and chance of getting a placement!

Zahra Murtaza

This is how I remember Peel Park campus 47 years ago! These days it looks very strange without the chemistry tower!

Allan Mitchenson

Filming sequences for our video class outside Media City with new friends. I also studied my degree in Media and Performance at Salford and graduated in 2006.

Joanna Higson

Being accepted to work towards my MA!

Stephen Wilson

My friends and the lecturers!

Hiba Shafiq

My memory of the University is that it opened my eyes to (a low level of...) political activism. I arrived at Salford after having spent the early years of my life living in France and Belgium so it was a massive life change. At that time, we students quite regularly took part in demos, sit-ins and sleep-ins around the campus!

Valerie Hazan

The memory of a smile is a fantastic thing.

Andy Lang

Proactive and friendly staff members.

Oke Iwoh

Seeing who was to become my future wife in the Union in the autumn of 1975!

Ian Sheldon

The University itself, the campus, the fantastic lecturers and professors, the cafeteria, the sports complex and my lovely friends

Soumit Sain

Attending classes at the Chapman lecture theaters. Using and enjoying the then newly built sports center and the fantastic library.

Adeel Ikram

Friday night concerts, the people I met and the field trips!

Brian Ward

Hanging out with my mates in the Sub Club, the old Student Union bar. Fun times! I was a bit nervous about leaving home to start my course at Salford, but it was the best decision I ever made!

Angie Cooke

Getting into university - I'm the first member of my immediate family to get in.

Esme Payne

I wouldn't exist if it weren't for the University of Salford. My parents met here when my dad was a student and my mum was a lab technician. Later, my mum did her degree here and I used to sit at the back of lectures during school holidays. I then did my degree and now work here.

Caroline Jones

Being the first resident of Horlock Court, always attracted my course mates for coffee breaks and made a lot of friends!

Francis Wai-Wah

The University accepting me as a mature student on the APL scheme and achieving my degree whilst having and raising my three girls.

Lianne Coultas

Winning the Rave of Thrones fancy dress competition in October 2014!

Alexandra Beloe

Friendship, going out and house mates

Tajinder Bassan

Not liking the paternoster lifts up to the twelfth floor of the chemistry tower. Arriving there, the fire alarm going off and having to walk all the way back. Then back up to the 12 the on the all clear, looking at my watch and finally walking back to the 7th for a lecture!

Sue Hayter

Working under Dr. Morven. She was my supervisor and she changed my attitude.

Rafiqul Islam

Whilst working at the Allerton library now known as the Allerton Learning Space years ago pigeons starting coming out of the ceiling, one landed on the entrance turnstile and one landed on the library ledge next to the library entrance sign. Pigeons kept popping through the ceiling. All rescued!

Catherine Kenyon

Going to the Pav, living on Castle Irwell surrounded by lots of other students!

Victoria Allen

Spending time in the studio at Centenary House with my fellow students - what felt like 'messing about' actually turned out to be a wonderfully powerful learning experience. It set me up for life.

Sam Netherwood

Graduating in 2016! Also receiving the Best Student Award in my second year!

Vimalanathan Nirooban

When students gave me a warm round of applause when I finished my very first lecture at Media City. I fell like I was having a standing ovation.

Christos Papanagnou

I have been associated with the University for nearly thirty years. I started here in 1987 when I undertook a course called the Certificate in Nursing Sciences. I recall there was a bar near the entrance to Allerton and at lunchtime students would congregate in the bar with a beer between classes!

Alison Cavanagh

The remarkable Graduation. Having attended a number of ceremonies, wearing the gown and carrying the mace. I must say that this has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life especially when seeing the smiley faces of all students and their proud families, friends and teachers.

Marina Hristova

Taking part in the Salford Advantage award. It was great to meet different people from across the university, get involved in setting up a Fruit and Vegetable stall on campus, and form a mentor/mentee relationship to help me with placement applications and career planning.

Samantha Gill

Support given as a student when father died and husband sick. I wouldn't have got through the programme without the support of the advanced practice team.

Nicola Pennington

The fantastic female tutors that encouraged me to be a string and determined advocate for chilldren and families.

Donna Peach

As always dealing first hand with the students, knowing that I can help with their queries and helping the University to live up to student expectations.

Shirley Adams-Corbett

Watching my student, Lisa Donlan, accept her awards at the Create Festival 2016.

Maggie Scott

I Love the simulation suites here and will never forget how much I jumped the first time one of the sim dummies blinked at me. I was so scared! But couldnt stop laughing.

Karen Susan McGuigan

My entire first year of University, when I lived in House 26 at Castle Irwell. I loved the anticipation of moving in and meeting a new group of strangers who I would spend the next year with. I loved every second living with them.

John Hardy

Sitting in the same lecture rooms of the Peel Building that my father attended in the 1930s!

Guy Martin Greaves

When Cynthia Ochoga won President of the University of Salford Students' Union.

Phillip Owusu Cobbinah

Coming here as a child while my Dad studied a Masters in Economics. He's now a senior lecturer and head of executive education at Cranfield University.

Patrick Glen

I love the University and Salford. The staff were so dedicated, the students so friendly. My husband and I are both graduates of the University.

Wan Rozaini Sheik Osman

The M5 4WT summer school ran by Andrew McCleary, Martin Coleman and David Ward of the Greater Manchester Stemcentre.

Steven Rossington

The first graduation ceremony I attended as a member of staff, witnessing my students being presented with their degrees, and seeing them in their cap and gown!

Yeliz Prior

Great friends, a great restaurant, lifts that never worked and some good staff. Graduation ball.

Janet Taylor

Meeting my girlfriend here back in 2011, when I was a student. Although on different courses, we ended up in the same graduation ceremony and now live together minutes away from the University.

Patrick Kinsella