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Help fund the future

This year is our chance to join together to fund the future of our University. Whichever way you support our work will make a tremendous difference to what we can achieve in the future. As it is our chance to celebrate our past successes and create future milestones in supporting students, how will you help fund the future?

Whether you choose to give regularly, would like to take this opportunity to establish your own scholarship programme or extend your philanthropy beyond your lifetime by leaving a legacy, your gift will build on the success of the last 50 years and help to shape the next.

Our 50th anniversary also presents a unique opportunity for your donation to be matched by our Jubilee Fund. In our ambition to award 67 new scholarships and bursaries to commemorate the year 1967 when the University of Salford received the Royal Charter, we will match any new regular gift or single donation up to £3,000 and any gift between £3,000 and £30,000 in support of scholarships and bursaries.

To find out more click the links below or call Siobhan on 0161 295 3831 for scholarship and legacy enquiries or Lauren on 0161 295 7062 for enquiries about a regular gift.