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Your Story -Academics

Hello there!

Thank you for helping us out with creating content for the Virtual Open Day.

Our students want to know why they should come and choose your course or subject area at the University of Salford, how they will learn, and what it is like to be a student here.

Please answer the questions below as fully as you can, and then upload a photo (we can use your main academic profile photo if you prefer).

Better still, answer all these questions in the form of a video and WeTransfer it to us at with a note that it's an academic profile.

Course or general subject area this profile is about*
Please add another profile if you need to do more than one course or subject area - thanks
What's the best thing about this course or subject area?
Why should students come and study this course/subject area at Salford? What are the unique selling points that make it better than other Unis?
Tell us about the facilities
What school/subject specific facilities are there for this course?
What about the support?
What support do you/the school office team/technicians give to the students?
Students want to know how they will study, not what they will study
What practical experience, and other methods of learning do you use on this course/subject area?
What are you looking for in a student that wants to come and study this course/subject area at Salford?
What should they want to achieve?

What have graduates of this course/subject area gone on to do?
Job titles, companies they work at
Upload a photo
Upload a photo of yourself here


Legal bit: By completing this form, you are allowing the University of Salford to use all your comments and pictures/videos for marketing purposes, both in digital and print form.