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Your Story

Hello there!

We would love you to share your Salford story with us!

Please answer the questions below as fully as you can, and then upload a photo and ping it off to us.

Better still, answer all these questions in the form of a video and WeTransfer it to us at with a note that it's a new student profile.

We're sorry, but the competition for the Amazon vouchers has finished now. Don't let that put you off completing the form though!

Email address*
What's the best thing about this course?
How do you learn? Are there practicals/fieldwork/live projects?
Tell us about the facilities
What are the facilities related to your course like? What about the Library/Sports Centre/Careers?
What about the support?
What support is on hand for your studies? What are the teaching staff/technicians/school staff like?
What's it like to be a student at Salford?
Are you a member of any clubs? What is the social life like? Where do you go out in Salford/Manchester? Where do you live and with who? How do you get around? Do you work?
Why did you choose Salford?
What would you say to someone considering Salford?
Did you come on an Open Day at Salford?
What did you think? What was the best bit? Would you recommend it?
Upload a photo
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What route did you take to university?*
We won't publish this - this is just for our statistics although we may contact you for other projects

If you have already graduated, what have you been doing since leaving Salford?


Legal bit: By completing this form, you are allowing the University of Salford to use all your comments and pictures/videos for marketing purposes, both in digital and print form.