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Teaching and Learning on the course

A number of teaching and learning strategiesare utilised within this programme, and include taught sessions and the delivery of key lectures, role play, group work, seminars, simulation, the development of clinical skills and problem-based learning.

Teaching is delivered by members of the midwifery academic team, who have specialist and enhanced skills and expertise. These include law and ethics, breastfeeding, waterbirths, women’s health, aquanatal, politics, leadership and management, women-centred care, acupuncture and safeguarding. There are also a number of Lecturer-Practitioners based in the local NHS Trusts who contribute to the student experience and learning. Additional speakers include Obstetricians, Paediatricians, Anaesthetists, Specialist Midwives, Service Users and other Health Care Professionals. We have excellent links with our local NHS Trusts.

The academic team hold an impressive research and publication portfolio and regularly represent the university at conferences and exhibitions.  We are currently developing and integrating collaborative learning with students from other School’s such as Art, Social Science, Law, Counselling and Nursing and we can provide learning opportunities with other hospitals e.g. Isle of Man, Uganda and Cambodia.

The introduction, development and practice of clinical skills are integral to the programme. We have outstanding skills and simulation facilities.  These include an extensive and sophisticated range of equipment which allows clinical skills practice to take place within a safe and protected environment.

Students are assessed in a number of ways including written assignments, oral, practical and written examinations and in clinical practice.