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Things you can do at an Applicant Event

  1. 'Attend' our 'life at Salford' talk and hear from one of our current students what their experience at Salford is like.
  2. Find out more about your chosen course, with an online information session and taster lecture.
  3. Chat to our students - using our online platform you can ask our students anything you like, whenever you like.
  4. Financing your studies can feel like a minefield, but our askUS team are here to help. In this talk, we’ll take you through all the relevant information about applying for student finance, as well as talk to you about all the support services available.
  5. Find out about accommodation at Salford - we'll have a presentation and Q&A available, as well as some videos shot by some of our students.
  6. Ask questions - we might be all socially distanced at the moment but we still love a question so ask away!
  7. For parents, carers and supporters we'll be running a Q&A session for you to ask any questions you might have.
  8. We're holding a mature learners' Q&A for anyone returning to study after a break too.