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Things you can do at an Applicant Visit Day

  1. Attend our 'life at Salford' talk and course-specific activities, which will give you a taster of what you can expect once you start your studies with us.
  2. Take a tour of our campus with one of our friendly student ambassadors and have a look around where you will be studying, as well as the Library, Sports Centre and student accommodation buildings.
  3. You’ll have the chance to visit both of our accommodation sites: Peel Park Quarter (based on campus), and John Lester/Eddie Colman (a 10-minute walk from campus, but we’ll take you by bus).
  4. Students’ Union and Team Salford talk and tour: Your time at Salford won’t all be about study: meeting new people, joining clubs and societies and getting involved in student representation are all important parts of your university experience.
  5. Financing your studies can feel like a minefield, but our askUS team are here to help. In this talk, we’ll take you through all the relevant information about applying for student finance, as well as talk to you about all the support services available.
  6. One-to-one disability support: Our dedicated Disability and Learner Support team is here to help any applicants with a disability or learning difficulty, to make sure appropriate support is in place before you start your studies.