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This page is your hub for the day, and everything you want to do can be done from here. When you click on any of the session links, they’ll open in a new tab, and when that session is finished just close the tab and you’ll be back here.

The system we’re using for the event is called Blackboard Collaborate. Blackboard is the virtual learning environment we use at Salford, and you’ll become very familiar with it when you start your course.

Using Google Chrome, just click on the link for the session you want to access. When you click on any of the links, it will open in a new tab and leave this event hub page open for you.

When you join your first session, you’ll be asked to add your name and that’s all you need to do. You may also see a microphone and camera test pop up the first time you open a session – you don’t need to worry about this, we have disabled microphones and cameras.

If you experience audio problems when you enter any of the sessions, you can also dial into the session using your mobile phone. To do this please click on the menu button in the top left hand corner and select 'use your phone for audio'. This will provide you with a unique phone number and pin that will allow you to dial into the session.

You don’t need a microphone or a camera for this event, the only thing you will need is to use Google Chrome as your browser.

During the sessions there is a chat function on the right-hand side of the screen and you can type questions there. You won’t be able to ask questions verbally as all microphones are disabled. To access the chat function, click on the pink two arrows symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and this will open a chat box. Please be aware that any questions you type here can be seen by other participants.

No. Other participants can see your name, and if you type any questions in the chat, they can see these too.

We’ll be here from 2pm to 4pm but the length of your event depends on what you’d like to do. All course sessions take place at 2pm but all other sessions run throughout the afternoon so you can drop-in whenever suits you.

If you are having any technical issues or problems during the event, please use the live chat to speak to a member of the team who will assist .

We know things are still quite unclear for you all at the moment, but if you have any questions we’ll do our best to help. You can ask us a question either by clicking on the link in the plan your day section, email us on or use the live chat facility.

Yes, just as they may have attended a face to face event with you, your supporters can join the online event. We're running some Q&A sessions for parents and supporters so they can ask any questions they might have.

We are following the Government and Public Health England’s guidance on coronavirus closely, and as this is an ever-changing situation, we have provided some FAQs here to keep you up to date.