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Distinguished Teaching Awards

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For a Group Application please specify the lead name and all other names. Please note that unfortunately names not included at this stage are unable to be added at a later date.

Written Statement (2000 words maximum - 500 words per criterion):
In this section the applicant/team must clearly example how they meet each award criterion. In order for the nomination to be successful the judging panel needs to know exactly what the team or individual has done to make a difference, and it would give weight to an application if it could detail how it fits in with the Academic Improvement Sub-Strategy.

When nominating, it is important to provide comprehensive examples matched against the four key essential criteria identified, as regrettably, applications not made against the elements will not be considered:

* Provide clear evidence of Excellence and innovation towards student success in a Real-world learning experience commensurate with the individual/group’s context and the opportunities afforded by it. Maximum 500 words.
* Provide clear evidence of supporting colleagues and influencing support for excellence and innovation towards student success in a ‘real world’ learning experience; demonstrating impact and engagement beyond the nominee/group’s immediate academic or professional role. If appropriate, this should demonstrate how the context takes account of and/ or uses the ICZ-ready curriculum design principles. Maximum 500 words.
* Provide clear evidence of the nominee/group’s commitment to her/his/their ongoing professional development with regard to teaching and learning and/or learning support as aligned to our single strategic priority of the Industry Collaboration Zones. Maximum 500 words.
* Provide a Statement of Support written by an academic staff member in a leadership or management position, e.g. Head of School or Associate Dean (Academic) outlining how the application meets the first three criteria of;
  • Individual/Group Excellence
  • Raising the Profile of Excellence
  • Developing Excellence
Maximum 500 words.
* All applications must include supporting evidence of some nature from students. This may be comprised of; Module Evaluation Questionnaires; notes from School Staff-Student Committee meetings; other surveys of student views; student reflections on their experience, unsolicited expressions of positive comment from students. Maximum 500 words.