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Vice-Chancellor's Awards 2018/19

Social Economic Impact Award Application

Please complete all required fields ( * )

For a Group Application please specify the lead name and all other names. Please note that unfortunately names not included at this stage are unable to be added at a later date.

Written Statement (2000 words maximum - 500 words per criterion):
In this section the applicant/team must clearly example how they meet each award criterion. In order for the nomination to be successful the judging panel needs to know exactly what the team or individual has done to make a difference.

When nominating, it is important to provide comprehensive and innovative examples matched against the criteria identified, as regrettably, applications not made against these will not be considered – and remember, nominations should focus on the outcomes achieved, how this benefited the University and the impact this had on our objectives; rather than describing the activities undertaken.

* Give an overview of the work/project you have delivered and the societal and/or economic challenges it addressed.
* What role did you/they play in making this happen?
* What was the positive difference and clear impact this made on the region?
* Please provide a Statement of Support written by an academic/professional services staff member in a leadership or management position, e.g. Head of School, Professional Service Director or Associate Head/Director, outlining how the application meets the first three criteria.