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5 Things to Know - New Students!

Congratulations on getting into the University of Salford! Below you will find the essential timetable information you  will need to know as a new student.

1.  When and where will I find my teaching timetable?

  • Teaching timetable information for new students is available from August for students registering in September and immediately for students registering for courses starting later in the academic year
  • Teaching timetables can be viewed online at
  • You will need to know your block code (sometimes called a 'programme' or 'course' code, the block code will relate to your unique UCAS code found on your offer letter) in order to access your teaching timetable

Your teaching timetable is also known as your 'programme timetable' (you don't need to login to view your teaching/programme timetable).

2. What is a programme timetable?

  • Programme timetables include all possible timetable events for your course
  • Programme timetables are accessed by selecting your 'Programme of Study' and 'Programme Year'  from the drop-down lists (if you are unsure what your programme of study is, just askUS!)
  • At this stage, your programme timetable will not include your group information

3. Which group(s) will I be in and when will I know?

  • Group information for new students is available from 'Programme Welcome Week' onwards (from 17th September)
  • Groups can only be decided after registration is completed, this is a task completed by your School Office at the start of the year
  • Your School Office will then let you know how to view your group information

4. Where do I go to access my teaching/programme timetable?

When accessing your teaching timetable online at, each timetabled event shows three important pieces of information:

  • The code and title of the event (this tells you what the event is)
  • The building and room number of the event (this tells you where to go)
  • The type of the event (this tells you what kind of event it is)

You can find more information on your event by clicking on it for more details.

5. Need help with anything? Just askUS!

You can ask us about any aspect of your timetable by emailing us here or by calling us on 0161 295 0023. Better still, come in and see us by asking for the Timetabling Team at the askUS front desk in University House.