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New Adelphi Room Booking Guidance

New Adelphi Room Bookings

The New Adelphi is a technical building with controlled access permitting building users only.  Some areas are inaccessible without arranging technician support.

Please follow the guidelines below so that requests for the building can be reviewed with consideration to teaching and health & safety.

External or commercial requests, conferencing and events

If you would like to book any space in the New Adelphi building including theatre and performance spaces, the atrium, the bar gallery or studios;  please complete the form here and email it to New Adelphi room bookings.

Building users request for teaching

If you are requesting a change to teaching (including additions and cancellations), please complete the Teaching timetable change request form.  If you would like to establish availability prior to submitting a request, please email the Arts & Media Timetabling team.

Building users meeting room requests / ad-hoc event requests

If you are a member of staff for Arts & Media or the School of Built Environment you can request to make ad-hoc bookings to the rooms listed below by contacting Timetabling and Exams or the SoAM general admin team as highlighted.

If you require a specific set up of these rooms contact Estates.

Note: interview rooms are unavailable on Wednesdays during teaching weeks and have limited availability in trimester two due to applicant interviews.

Bookable ThroughRoom Capacity Lab28
5.26-Ideas Lab30
6.18-Ideas Lab (no AV)12
6.20-Ideas Lab31 Project (Digital IT for AV support)14
5.05-Interview (no AV)4
5.10-Interview (no AV)4
5.11-Interview (no AV)4
6.05-Interview (no AV4
6.10-Interview (no AV)4
6.11-Interview (no AV)