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Timetabling & Exams

Welcome to Timetabling and Exams – here you will find all the information and help you need to access and understand your teaching and exam timetables.

Have a question about Exams? - See our Exam support & guidance

Looking for your Teaching or Welcome timetable? - See our online timetabling system

Here to help – ask us about any aspect of your teaching timetable by emailing us here or by calling us on 0161 295 0023 (option 4). Better still, come in and see us by asking for the timetabling team at the askUS front desk in University House.

University House is at the northern end of Peel Park campus in between the new residences buildings.

What we do

Are you a New Student? - You can find essential information on your new teaching timetables     here.

Timetabling and Exams works with your School to construct an annual programme timetable which includes all of your teaching events – lectures, seminars and tutorials.

Each year we publish your programme timetable online.

Throughout the year, we work to make sure the timetable is working well – we make changes to timetables only when they are in your interest and we let you know about them in good time.

Our service to you

  • We will – provide you with a year-long programme timetable online  
  • We will – answer your questions helping you know exactly where you should be and when  
  • We can – liaise with your School if you have a query about teaching events or your groups  

Where will I find my teaching timetable, and when?

Your 2017/18 programme timetable is available now at:

What we do

Timetabling and Exams works with your School to arrange all written exams which usually take place in fixed weeks at the end of each trimester

Any practical exams, orals, test, performance assessments etc are organised by your School.

Each trimester we send you an exam timetable which includes all of your written exams.

Exams rules and regulations can be found alongside Exam Support & Guidance.

Our service to you

  • We will – provide you with a written exams timetable ahead of the 3 exams periods each year
  • We will – help our students residing outside the UK to take resits overseas (available on request and at the permission of your School)
  • We will – make sure that the needs of students with support plans are accommodated in exam timetables
  • We will – maintain strict exam conditions in all exam venues
  • We can – liaise with your School if you have a query about your exam timetable

Where will I find my exam timetable, and when?

Your Trimester 2 2018 examination timetable has been emailed to your University email address on 13 or 14 March.  Please check your emails including junk/spam folder. This timetable is just for written exams; schools will inform you of arrangements for oral or practical examinations.

If you have a Reasonable Adjustment Plan,  which states you are entitled to an individual/separate room for an examination you will still receive an exam timetable via email but it will show the main venue details. Please liaise directly with your School office for the individual/separate room arrangements.

What we do

The University provides an informative welcome timetable of events relevant to your programme of study.

Each year we publish your Programme Welcome timetable online.

Welcome timetables are provided in the main, for our new students.  Sometimes, students returning for subsequent years of study are invited to attend ‘welcome back’ events – if these have been arranged for you, your School will let you know.

Our service to you

  • We will – provide all of our new students with an online welcome timetable as part of an exciting range of welcome events
  • We will – refer you to your School, helping you get answers about any aspect of your welcome to the University

Where will I find my Welcome timetable, and when?

Your 2017/18 Welcome timetable is now available here.