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Sustainable Living at SHUSU

Sustainable Housing
& Urban Studies Unit


Finding ways to reduce carbon emissions and use resources more efficiently in ways that foster social justice is a significant challenge. In SHUSU we understand sustainability as a multifaceted issue and one that needs to be explored from multiple angles. We know that it is not enough to look at people, buildings, technology or infrastructure in isolation, and that effective research seeks to understand the ways in which these aspects interact with and reinforce each other.

We also know that sustainability connects with all aspects of society, including homes and work places, and touches on all parts of life, including how we feed ourselves, how we get around and how we keep warm. We aim to reflect a holistic understanding of sustainability that encompasses these aspects and makes the connections between them.

Initiatives that try to promote sustainability and low carbon living can have implications, both positive and negative, for social policy. Measures can contribute to the alleviation or fuel poverty and transport-related exclusion. We are particularly interested in understanding these synergies and how they can be maximised.

Our expertise in social research and our close links with colleagues in related fields, both within the University of Salford and more widely, allows us to provide wide-ranging research support into both social and technical aspects of these issues.

Current Projects

Selected Archived Projects

  • Fuel Poverty and Warm Homes: Strategy Consultation
  • Salford Energy Hub: Legacy and Futures Project

Selected Publications