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What's it all about?

Choosing the right university is a really important decision. You’ll often hear students saying that their university ‘just felt right’ for them and that’s something you can only experience if you visit different universities in person.

As well as finding out about the course you’re interested in studying (or more than one course if you haven’t decided yet!) you’ll have the chance to take a tour of our campus, see our accommodation and chat to some of our current students to get the real story on life at Salford.

Student ambassador next to a signpost on campus
Finding your way around campus
Checking in at your Open Day
Checking in

Most of our visitors want to find out more about the course they’re interested in studying as their number 1 activity when visiting universities, and the Mini Open Day will include a course drop-in so you can ask those burning questions. Alongside that, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Take a campus tour with our student ambassadors;
  • Visit our accommodation sites for a tour;
  • Find out more about finance and student support at Salford; 
  • Ask about support for students with a disability, specific learning difficulty or mental health condition. We’re here to help;
  • Talk to us! Ask any questions you might have about Salford, applications, UCAS, interviews… we like a challenge! 
  • Get a feel for the place, see whether you think it’s the right place for you

Once you’ve booked your place, we’ll send a copy of the Mini Open Day Guide to you the week before the event, giving you plenty of time to plan what you’d like to do. The Mini Open Day will be based on our Peel Park Campus and will run from 2pm to 5pm on Wednesday 21 November. The event will start with a Welcome Talk for all visitors and event check-in will open at 1.30pm.  Because this isn’t a full Open Day, we’ve tried to pack as much as we can into this timeframe and would recommend that you arrive ready to start for 2pm. Our academic staff will be available for the course drop in between 3pm-5pm and tours will be running throughout the event.