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Learn from expert lecturers across fields in health, science, business, law, engineering, media and music.


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"I really enjoyed the balance between academic teaching, coursework and practical activities. The heavy emphasis on group activities and ability to frequently present helped me develop the confidence and people skills that have helped me do well in my career."
Jamil Khalil, Founder, Wakelet


Travel to Manchester city centre in under 5 minutes.

Infographic showing travel time from University of Salford to Manchester city centre, Manchester Airport and London by walking, driving and public transport.

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Alumni –Come and join the University of Salford’s elite cast of alumni including x, y and z. Start your journey...
BBC – What if I’m interested in studying a media-related degree at the University of Salford? You’re in the perfect place! At our Media City campus, you’ll be located next door to some of the biggest media organisations in the world. The opportunity to study toe-to-toe with the BBC and ITV cannot be missed.
Courses – With over 200 hundred courses, hand-picked for you, there’s no shortage of journeys you can explore. Use our matchmaker to find your perfect course.
Devils – If you’re a fan of sports teams called the Red Devils - we’ve got great news – there’s TWO here in close proximity! We are the closest university to Manchester United’s Old Trafford and rugby league team Salford Red Devils are also located close by. Either way it won’t prove too difficult to pop down for a game or two!
Eccles Cake – Where better to try a sweet treat than in the very place it was born? First sold in the Salford town of the same name in 1793, they’ve been appeasing many a sweet tooth for over 200 years.
Eccles cakes, however, do not have Protected Geographical Status; meaning you could manufacture your own in Antarctica and still call them Eccles cakes!
Facilities – The University continues to invest our students through construction and utilisation of state-of-the-art facilities. We believe this investment allows students to better reach their potential
Fees - We realise that a degree is an investment for you both in terms of time and cost. We offer fee discounts to students who achieve A-Level grades ABB or equivalent. Have a look at our full range of scholarship opportunities.
Gandhi – Salford alumni Sir Ben Kingsley won an Academy Award for his portrayal of the Indian philosopher and political activist Mahatma Gandhi in a 1982 Hollywood film. You could follow a similar path with the numerous drama and performance arts courses we offer.

History – The University of Salford has a rich and illustrious history that we want you to become a part of. In 2017 we celebrate our 50th birthday, half a century since Her Majesty the Queen handed over the Royal Charter. The first Chancellor of the University was Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who remained in the post until 1991.
Islington Mill – A “celebration of the unconventional, of radical and subversive thinking”. No place better sums up the diverse, creative and liberal sides of Salford better than Islington Mill. Originally built for cotton spinning - the Mill has most recently played host to art exhibitions, art workshops and club nights. And located just off Chapel Street, near the University’s main campus, there’s something close by for many different tastes!
Judiciary – The first female Lord of Appeal, Lady Hale, has an honorary doctorate from the University of Salford. Oh, and the small matter of a building named after her at our award-winning Business School.
Kay – One of Britain’s most celebrated comedians, Peter Kay, cut his comedic cloth here at the University of Salford. The Phoenix Nights star has strong ties to the University having delivered guest lectures on our ‘Comedy Writing and Performance’ course and more recently became a Doctor of Arts here.
LS Lowry – Famous for his “matchstick men” style of drawing, many of Lowry’s paintings depict the Salford borough of Pendleton. He has since had The Lowry art gallery named in his honour, where much of his original work remains stored.
Manchester – In the unlikely event you run out of things to do in Salford, there’s always the city of Manchester just minutes down the road. Manchester is one of the world’s largest student cities with a wide choice of shops, pubs, clubs, libraries and pretty much everything to suit your student needs.
New Adelphi – The latest addition to our wonderful campus. New Adelphi plays home to the School of Arts and Media and boasts; a 350-capacity theatre, 2 large TV acting studios, rehearsal studios, 6 industry-standard recording studios, 12 amplified performance studios, 14 instrumental tuition rooms, a 100m2 band-room/live room and a suite of flexible performance spaces with an adjoining roof terrace.
Ordsall Hall –The history buffs among you will like this one. Ordsall Hall is a historic house that dates back over 750 years. Rumoured to have been the inspirational setting for Guy Fawkes’ gunpowder plot on the Houses of Parliament. And, if you like a bit of a spook, ghosts are even said to roam the halls.

Peel Park – In the 1800s, former Prime Minister, Sir Robert Peel, campaigned for more public spaces in Manchester. The government bought land, today known as Peel Park, and transformed it into what is believed to be the world’s first public park. The oldest building on our campus (our answer to Hogwarts) is also named after Sir Robert Peel.
Quays – At Salford Quays there’s something for everyone! Whether it be a quiet stroll along the waterfront, a city centre cruise or a trip to the Lowry Shopping Centre - it’s just a ten-minute bus journey from main campus.
River Rescue – Champion oarsman Mark Addy became a local hero after he rescued over 50 people from drowning in the River Irwell in the late 19th Century. Ironically the Irwell, or more specifically tuberculosis, claimed his life after he saved a boy from the heavily-polluted river.
The river has since been cleaned up, but we still don’t recommend a paddle.
Sounds – Like music? You’ve certainly come to the right place! Salford and Manchester has been and still is a hot-bed for music talent. Hailing directly from Salford are Joy Division and the Happy Mondays, while the Charlatans’ lead singer Tim Burgess was born here too. Our University also has strong musical roots. Adelphi has hosted many concerts over the years and we currently boast the Adelphi Contemporary Music group, who have previously performed with members of the BBC Philharmonic group.
Transport – There’s no need to worry about how you’re going to get around during your time here. The 50 bus runs free for students between Media City UK and main campus during term time. Salford Crescent train station is located in our front garden, over on Chapel Street.
University Life – Your time at university is going to be one of the most special and fulfilling times of your life, so why not spend it at a university with; a diverse set of students, an abundance of societies and clubs, a strong sense of community, and a dedicated team to help you on your journey?

Varsity – If playing some sport is how you get your kicks then Varsity is for you! The annual multi-sports event sees us compete against a fellow university in a variety of sports such as basketball, rowing and ultimate Frisbee! Here’s the teaser for our 2017 event!
Women’s Social and Political Union (or WSPU for short) – The WSPU was an organisation that campaigned for the right for women to vote in political elections. The ‘Suffragettes’ were headed by a women called Emmeline Pankhurst, who grew up in Salford and became arguably the most important female icon in history.
Xenial - Adj. Hospitable, friendly. Yep, that’s us alright. Xenial.
You – Here at the University of Salford, we realise that without *you*, *we* wouldn’t be here. That’s why we like to make our students the centre of attention. Check out our student blog, where you can find out first-hand what it’s like to study at the University of Salford.
Zoology – We don’t monkey around here. We offer in-depth, practical work experience on courses such as Zoology - perfectly equipping you for the real world.

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