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New Adelphi

New Adelphi foyer

New Adelphi is the home of arts and culture on campus, designed to inspire your imagination and spark your curiosity. If you study music, performance, art, design or architecture, you’ll hone your skills in state-of-the-art facilities that mirror those used by professionals in the industry. 

The theatre is equipped with the latest lighting, PA equipment and high-powered projection, seating for up to 350 people, and can be adapted to different configurations to suit each individual event.

Our professional-quality screen acting studios allow you to film in front of high definition cameras, while the voice acting studio will give you the chance to master a variety of vocal performances used in radio or video game production.

New Adelphi theatre

Music students have access to six professional recording studios, built using specialist room-within-room construction methods and housing recording booths, Yamaha pianos, drum kits from DW and Gretsch and amplification by Ampeg, Fender and Vox. The adjoining control rooms are extensively equipped with hardware audio processors from Bricasti, Neve and Warm Audio and feature the first six new ‘Heritage Edition’ recording consoles in the country, manufactured by Audient. Primary monitoring is provided by ATC and PMC loudspeakers.

Budding photographers can experiment with new techniques in our professional photography studios, which feature lighting equipment, a dark room and the latest cameras and accessories. You can show off your best work to all those who visit New Adelphi in the foyer gallery.

Artists and designers have their own dedicated workshops, ranging from traditional model making tools to 3D printers and laser cutters. The printing lab contains specialist equipment from screen printers and lithotables to etching presses and felt looms.

For architecture students, our carefully designed open plan studio space provides you with an inspiring environment to develop your ideas, work collaboratively and share best practice.

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