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Exam Day

It’s exam day and maybe you’re feeling a little nervous or anxious. Giving yourself time to wake up properly and get ready for the day is an important step to helping you feel more relaxed, although a few nerves aren’t always a bad thing.

Having a good breakfast is something else to consider, and bananas, porridge or eggs can all help to increase brainpower and keep your stomach filled – you don’t want a rumbling stomach as a distraction during the exam!

Another step you can take is to do a little exercise. This will help to wake you up and motivate you ready for the day. There are also brain exercises you can do to get yourself into the spirit.

Lastly, if you really must, take a last look over your notes to recap and refresh your memory. Don’t attempt to learn anything new, just remember that everything you need to know is up there in your head somewhere! Take a few deep breaths and have a sip of water every now and again.