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Results day

Towards the end of June we’ll send out an email which explains how results day works and how we confirm to applicants that their place is confirmed. The timing of confirmation is based on the qualifications your son or daughter is currently studying and the type of offer they’ve received. In all cases, our decision will be shown on UCAS Track.

We receive BTEC results automatically through UCAS and they’re typically received towards the end of July. Because we get them automatically there is no requirement for the applicant to send these on to us directly. We’ll confirm in the results day email when welcome communications will begin but this is usually the first week in August.

We receive A-level results automatically through UCAS and our decision will be shown on UCAS Track on Thursday 15 August.

We will text and email on the morning of A-level results day and registration communications will start the subsequent week.

The most common qualifications for university entry are A-levels, BTECs and Access qualifications and we receive all of these results automatically. If your child is studying something else, you can view a list on the UCAS website which shows which results are received through UCAS and sent directly to universities.

If the qualifications your child is studying are not on the list, you will need to send these through to us when you receive your results.

Please send these through as soon as possible, and by the 31 August at the latest. Again, we will provide the appropriate contact information for these results to be sent through to a little closer to the time.

If there are GCSE conditions included in your son or daughter’s offer, we do not receive these automatically and these will need to be sent through to us directly. Before results day we’ll let the applicant know that they need to do this and we’ll provide the appropriate email address for the results to be sent through to.

If your son or daughter has an unconditional offer, there is nothing more that they need to do with regard to their results. Happy days!

Unfortunately not all our applicants meet the entry standards required for their course and we’re not able to confirm their place. Before making the decision to reject an applicant at this stage, we will review whether there are any appropriate foundation or alternative courses and if we believe there are, we will make an alternative offer.

If we are not able to confirm an applicant’s place, this will be visible on UCAS Track. Their insurance institution will then review if they can accept the applicant instead and if so, that will also be shown on UCAS Track. If the applicant is shown here as in Clearing then they have not met the conditions of their firm or insurance institution.

We have a dedicated Confirmation line in operation during the August results day period and you can contact us on 0300 555 5030 choosing option 2.